Bristol young Buddhists Weds 7th July

About these sessions: We run monthly meditation and buddhism evenings for those 35 and under. There are also walks and meet ups too. The events are set up by the Bristol Young Buddhists team and supported by an experienced Buddhist. There is a mix of meditation and talks, along with a chance to chat about yourself and your life.

This space is about making friends, growing our community, practicing meditation together and learning about Buddhism. The aim is to make Buddhism relevant to our everyday lives. So if there’s anything you want to hear about then do let us know!

Our centre runs on generosity, so there is no charge, but if you are able to make a donation, you can do that here

First Wednesday in the month. You can join us any time from 7.15 pm onwards if you’d like to say ‘hello’ to the other folk there.  We’ll start the evening proper at 7.30 and it will run till about 9.00 pm. We’re currently meeting via zoom:

The team is Hannah, Esme and Jamie. We would love to see you!

Any questions then do get in touch at

Connect with younger Sangha around Triratna here

and check out the sub35 Festival at the end of August here

Eco-crisis practice group 20 June

You, Me, Us…Global Justice, Equality and Diversity…

‘It is not that you just sit on your meditation mat radiating mettā towards the world but keeping well out of the way of the world. It is that mettā enters into your action and expresses itself in terms of non-violent action for the benefit of others.’- Sangharakshita, Questions and Answers, Guhyaloka, 1988.

With this idea of engaged Buddhism in mind, we will read, reflect on some ideas from writers of different cultures and traditions. Our discussion will focus on: 

  • Why should we as Buddhists concern ourselves with social and political issues? 
  • In what ways can we address climate and global justice both individually and as a sangha? 
  • How might ideas of global justice be reflected in practical terms in our intercultural relationships? 

We warmly invite everyone to this discussion and reflection space where we will consider how we might integrate these important ideas into our Buddhist practice.

5.30 – 7pm

In this group we draw on the dharma to support each other as we engage with ecological issues. We seek to develop and deepen our spiritual practice in this way, opening heart and mind more fully to wisdom and compassion.

The group is open to anyone with a regular dharma practice and is facilitated by Dayajoti and Vimalavajri.

zoom link:

If you have problems with Zoom, email us and we will try to help

Next meetings: 18 July

Supportive events for People of Colour

We welcome everyone to our classes. Some people of African, Asian or mixed heritage may find these particular classes at the London Buddhist Centre supportive alongside our Bristol classes.

London Buddhist Centre

Sundays 4 – 5.30pm via zoom

To connect locally, contact Advayamati:

Watch/listen to Advayamati’s reflections on ‘Black Lives Matter:

‘I’m black, I’m white, I’m Jewish, I’m Buddhist” –

Sangha walk & talk group

This is an opportunity to meet Sangha friends (in addition to on zoom) and enjoy the outdoors together. We will split into smaller groups, not larger than 6 and can have a rest & reshuffle half way through.

Maximum attendance 12 (ie 2 groups of 6)

When: every 2nd and last Monday of month, 11-12:30

June 14th plus Sunday June 20th 11 – 1pm with picnic after (byo refreshments!)

Covid guidelines permitting.

Where: meet on grass left of Retreat Cafe on Clifton Downs, Bristol by Water TowerBS9 1FG ( public toilets are nearby).

Please confirm your attendance by text by midday the day before (ie on the Sunday) for contact tracing & bring a face covering in case needed.

Text either: Beate: 07768181724 or Trisha 07751214501 to confirm attendance or if you have any questions.

Trisha and Beate will be there from about 10:30 to greet people. Hope to see you there.