Listen Again & Resources

Listen Again & Resources

A selection of talks on Buddhism by Triratna order members in Bristol and beyond is available at Free Buddhist Audio.

Fi’s Karuna Appeal Talk

Sangha Night 2022

‘Be the Revolution’ – Drop into talks on the Heart Sutra, working with the mind in meditation, effort, conditions and more.

Follow-On Meditation Course 2022

Resources form the course in April/May 22, with Pranjamati.

Sangha Night 2021

‘Tools for Building a Sustainable Practice’

Diving the Potential of Sangha | Sangha Week Retreat 2021

Below a forest canopy… Bhadra, our chair, recorded talks from the week. A potent, challenging and heart-warming listen.

The Satthipathana and Anapanasati Suttas | Rains Retreat 2021

Dhammarati, a guest from the Adhisthana Retreat Centre, shares teachings and guided meditations on the Satthipathana and Anapanasati Suttas.

Sangha Night 2020

Listen back to the wide ranging talks from Sangha Night 2020.

Rains Retreat 2020

On this retreat Tejananda, a teacher at Vajraloka Retreat Centre, leads us into a somatic approach to the five principles, that is, one based in the living energy of our body and being. Through being open to the energy of the body, and by becoming attuned to it’s actual nature we’ll discover ways to “integrate” all five principles experientially into a single, embodied ’non-practice’ of Simply Being.

Joy in the Cremation Ground | Sangha Week Retreat 2020

This retreat invited us to share the practice of enlivening the Sangha jewel, allowing its solace and joy to soak into our bones and hearts. We did this through meditation, a daily talk from Bhadra, bodywork, groups and evening rituals.

Sangha Night 2019

Explore the theme of awakening the heart.

Pathways to the Beautiful Mind | Rains Retreat 2019

Awareness and Wisdom are both qualities of the mind that is beautiful, clear seeing and free. These and other qualities of the ‘kalyana’ or ethically lovely mind were explored throughout our Rains retreat week.

The Big Sangha Retreat 2019

A couple of talks from the ‘Big Sangha Retreat’ in 2019. This is an annual retreat where members of the Bristol Sangha take a long weekend at the Adhisthana Retreat Centre in Herefordshire.

Sangha Night 2018

Myth, niyamas, metta and the bodhisattvas. Stretch your ears back a few years and find some delights!

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