What are Mitras & Order Members?

What are Mitras & Order Members?

Bristol Buddhist Centre is a place for those who have decided to deepen their Buddhist practice and to go for refuge to the Buddha, the Dharma – his teaching, and the Sangha – the community of his followers. It is an opportunity to deepen your commitment, practice and understanding of what it is to practice Buddhism in the modern world. It is also a wonderful chance to build friendships and growth our community together.

A mitra (a Sanskrit word meaning ‘friend’) has decided that they are a ‘Buddhist’, and wishes to practice Buddhism within the context of the Triratna Buddhist Community, and has marked this in a simple ritual.  If you’re interested in becoming a mitra, read this booklet and talk to any Order Member.

Order Members (aka Dharmacharin(i)s – ‘Dharma-farers’) have been recognised, at their ordination ceremony, to be practising Buddhism effectively.

Mitras have the opportunity of a four year Dharma Training Course. This course requires some reading before each session, and then discussion when meeting together. There are audio recordings of the course matieral, as well as many books available on the Triratna Audio Library. There’s also a group for mitras on The Buddhist Centre Online.

If you’d like to discuss becoming a mitra, talk to:

Naravira for men: naravira@bristol-buddhist-centre.org 

Vimalavjari for women: wmc@bristol-buddhist-centre.org

You can see Vimalavajri introducing herself and talking about mitra convening here.

Some events at Bristol Buddhist Centre are dedicated to the expression and development of Buddhist practice by Order Members and mitras such as our annual Rains Retreat.

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Triratna Buddhist Community in Bristol is a Registered Charity in England (900165).

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