Ever since the time of the Buddha, 2,500 years ago, it has been traditional to offer the teachings in the spirit of generosity or dana.

Here at the Centre we continue this tradition by offering all our Dharma classes without set charges.  We do this to ensure that all these classes are accessible to everyone and also to create the conditions whereby we all have the possibility of tasting the positive effect of contributing to a network of generosity.

We hope that you have appreciated any events you have attended. Running these events has been possible because of the generosity of others. This Centre is financially independent and only thrives because of an ongoing flow of generosity from individuals like you. We have no external source of income.

We hope you too will want to give to those who are here tomorrow, those who have yet to walk into the Buddhist Centre, those who have yet to taste the Dharma.

Ways to give 

Click an amount below to set up a Direct Debit online:

 £5 a month  £10 a month £15 a month  £20 a month

£25 a month  £30 a month £35 a month 

£40 a month   £50 a month £60 a month

   £75 a month   £100 a month

Should you wish to donate an alternate amount, please email and we can set up an alternative payment plan for you.    

If you are a taxpayer, please also fill in a gift aid form so we can reclaim the tax on your donation.

One off donations:

One off donations can be made via this page

Cash donations: Please place your gift in the bowl at the exit.  

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