Regular Giving

With the temporary closure of the Centre your online generosity becomes even more crucial.   

Your donations continue to support the Centre Team and pay the ongoing costs of the Centre building. You will know we are now working remotely, coordinating and facilitating our classes online.  We are doing this to ensure we all continue to have access to the Dharma and to maintain the cohesion of our Sangha.  We hope you are tasting the positive effect of participating online and will want to help support us through your generosity. 

Our Centre is financially independent and only thrives because of an ongoing flow of generosity from individuals like you. We have no external source of income.

We hope you will want to give now, if you are able, not only for yourself but for the benefit of those who are here tomorrow, those who have yet to know the gift of the Dharma. We hope you will want to give now to ensure, at some point we can reopen the Buddhist Centre doors and welcome all to come and taste the support and inspiration of the Dharma in the company of Sangha.

Click an amount below to set up a Direct Debit online via GoCardless or use Paypal.

 £5 a month  £10 a month £15 a month  £20 a month

£25 a month  £30 a month £35 a month 

£40 a month   £50 a month £60 a month

   £75 a month   £100 a month

Should you wish to donate an alternative amount, please email and we can set up an alternative payment plan for you.    

If you are a taxpayer, you can fill in a gift aid form and email it to us at

Make a single donation to help the Sangha grow. 

Click an amount below to set up a Direct Debit online via GoCardless or you can use Paypal.

Give £1000    Give £500

Give £100   Give £75   Give £50

Give £25    Give £10    Give £5

For other amounts, please email and Judith can send you a link.

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