Together we create the Triratna Buddhist Community in Bristol.

Bristol Buddhist Centre runs on a radical basis – we’re fueled by generosity!

We make no charge for our Dharma activities* but offer them open-handedly.  We’re able to do this because so many people have generously given money and time to establish everything we enjoy at the Centre, and you can participate in this continuing into the future. The best way to help is by giving regularly by direct debit.  Be part of the flow of giving the Dharma!

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What is the Dana Economy?

Dana means generosity.

  • a fundamental Buddhist practice
  • an opportunity to loosen the limiting view of “what’s in it for me?” and move beyond self-clinging
  • a way into a more expansive, liberating and empowering way of operating – “what can I contribute?”
  • a means of increasing our sense of connection with others.

A dana economy is a Buddhist economic system based on generosity. It’s radical and it’s challenging – we’re flying in the face of our consumerist culture where we’re used to thinking “what can I get?” and “how cheaply can I get it?” rather than “how much can I give?” and “what do I really value?”.  It seems crazy to think we can run all we do without charging anyone to come along, but we know it can work – several Triratna centres are thriving on this system.  It’s a great example to give the world. We need YOU to be part of helping us in this new way of being.

Listen to a talk about the basis of this radical economic system here – the Gift Relationship

If you are a taxpayer, please also fill in a gift aid form so we can reclaim the tax on your donation.


You could also consider leaving the Bristol Buddhist Centre a gift in your will. Advice on making a will.

Triratna Buddhist Community in Bristol Reg. Charity number: 900165

Our bank details: Bristol Buddhist Centre, account no. 65197631, sort 08-92-99. Please email to let us know if you make a donation by bank transfer or standing order.

If you like to see the facts and figures, check out The Centre’s Money for more info.

* except charges for yoga, retreats, and events run by others.

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