Sangha Works

DATES TBC | 10am – 5pm

Our main tasks include decorating the reception area & kitchen and clearing & working on the garden.

Open to regular attendees of the centre. Let us know if you’re coming: email:

Before coming please read the Attending the Centre covid guidelines to keep everyone safe. Bring lunch, a water bottle, old clothes to work in and anything else you need. We will supply all tools and materials and any protective and safety wear. Lunch will be at 1pm for an hour.

Bristol Young Buddhists | Fri 6 Aug

Friday 6th August 7:30pm (join from 7:15).

A Living Network of Friendship

“In the spiritual community, the rigid application of rules is replaced by something far more subtle: a living network of friendship and communication centred on the highest shared ideals.”

Sangharakshita, Living with Kindness.

We often come to Buddhism with misconceptions and our own ideas. Even ideas of what or who is a ‘real’ Buddhist. Can we really take in what Buddhism is teaching us?

Friendship is key to the spiritual life. Being in relationship and participating in community shows us our minds and ways of being. It provides space for us to change our lives.

We intend for it to be in person (outside).

Keep updated through the What’sApp group in case of last minute changes. And please do let us know if you’re coming so we can ensure a covid safe event (What’sApp or

Do bring things to sit/meditate on and any food/ drinks you will need.

Our centre runs on generosity, so there is no charge, but if you are able to donate to help keep us running, you can do that here.

Any questions then do get in touch at

About these sessions: We run monthly meditation and Buddhism evenings for those between 18 and 35. We also do walks and meet ups too. The events are set up by the Bristol Young Buddhists team and supported by an experienced Buddhist. There is a mix of meditation and talks, along with a chance to chat about yourself and your life.

This space is about making friends, growing our community, practicing meditation together and learning about Buddhism. The aim is to make Buddhism relevant to our everyday lives. So if there’s anything you want to hear about then do let us know!

First Friday of the month. You can join us any time from 7.15 pm onwards if you’d like to say ‘hello’.  We’ll start at 7.30 and run until 9pm.

The team is Hannah and Esme. We would love to see you!

Connect with younger Sangha around Triratna here.

Check out the sub35 Festival at the end of August here!!

Eco-Crisis Practice Group |

No session in August

Engaged Buddhism : What did the Buddha say?
As Buddhists we look to the life and teachings of the Buddha to guide our path.   But the Buddha didn’t do social protest, lobbying rulers, or advocating social change.    Or did he?   Come and hear some stories from the Buddha’s time from which can inspire us today as engaged Buddhists, and share your responses.

5.30 – 7pm

Zoom link:

Future dates: Aug – no session, 12 Sept (tbc), 10 Oct, 12 Dec

If you have problems with Zoom, email us and we will try to help

Going Deeper in Meditation

No session in August

9.45 am for those who have an established familiarity with the forms of the meditation practices we teach, along with an interest in exploring ways of deepening experience in meditation. Consequently we ask for 3 years meditation experience in Triratna of those attending the class.

Zoom link:

Dates for 2021: usually the second Saturday of the month

11 Sept, 9 Oct, 13 Nov, 11 Dec

If you have problems connecting then email: and we will try and help

Material from 2021 classes:

9 Jan: Towards Embodied Faith in the Buddha’s and our own Awakening

13 Feb: Samadhi

13 March: Disentangling from concepts

10 April: Mindfulness as Sati Appamada Sampajanna



Led Meditation

8 May: Metta companionable presence, intimate sensitivity, and sympathetic understanding



Led Meditation

12 June: Welcoming All as Self: the wisdom of Mamaki


Led Meditation

10 July: Metta and Insight



Led Meditation

Explore material from previous years here

People of Colour

We welcome everyone to our classes. Some people of African, Asian or mixed heritage may find these particular classes at the London Buddhist Centre supportive alongside our Bristol classes.

London Buddhist Centre

Sundays 4 – 5.30pm via zoom

To connect locally, contact Advayamati:

Watch/listen to Advayamati’s reflections on ‘Black Lives Matter:

‘I’m black, I’m white, I’m Jewish, I’m Buddhist” –

Sangha Circle | Sun 7:30pm

Sunday evenings | 7:30 – 9pm | No sessions in August

Sangharakshita places great emphasis on building Sangha. We are social creatures so finding ways to connect and move out of isolation is vital for our well being.

In the spirit of wanting to reach out and meet you, Bhadra and Dharmamrta invite you into a facilitated circle every Sunday evening from 7.30 to 9pm. We hope you will find this meeting resourcing through simply being with the Sangha. We will start with a short guided meditation to make contact with our felt experience, to tune into what is really alive within us. From there, we will be invited to simply be and listen, or to talk from that aliveness, to be heard and be seen. Everyone is welcome whether you feel you are new or experienced in relation to the precious jewel of Sangha. 

Join Zoom Meeting

If you have problems with Zoom, email us and we will try to help

Intro/Follow-on Courses: Wisdom that Frees

The introductory and follow-on courses

An online meditation and Buddhism course for a restricted world.

(Each course runs for six weeks on Saturday mornings)

Introductory Course:

Next course starts: Saturday 25th Sept | 10am – midday

We share profound yet simple teachings to help you uncover genuine ease, contentment and meaning in life. Come together with others to learn, discuss and discover the means to uncover how to become the change you want to see.

Each session will be partly introducing meditation and partly about the Buddhist context, that helps meditation to be a real power for change. There will be input from the experienced teaching team plus an opportunity for small group discussion. Each week we will email you material to follow up the session and to take your understanding and experience deeper.  

No charge but we welcome your donations to keep us up and running.

Follow on course:

Next one starts after the intro course

Saturday 7th November 10 am – midday – This 6 week course combining teaching, discussion and meditation will help you establish a regular meditation practice and integrate the teachings you find helpful into your daily life. We will be exploring the classic Buddhist teaching of the Noble Eightfold Path for these practical and engaging sessions.

Open to all who’ve done an intro course with us at any time

No charge but we welcome your donations to keep us up and running.

Email us to register: