Gateways to the Undiscovered – men’s day Sat 15 Dec

On this day we will be pointing out and cultivating qualities of attention associated with the Wisdoms of the Buddha mandala. We hope to show that these Wisdom qualities are not just abstract ideals but that there may be resonances with them in our own experience and these resonances can act as gateways into a richer sense of our being and potentiality.

 Open to all men who have done an intro course, mitras and Order members

Please bring Vegetarian Lunch to share    10 – 5pm   with Bhadra

Devotional Voice – next one Sun 16 Dec

Join Karunavapi and Beth Jones for a monthly session of Buddhist mantra, chants and songs. Harmonies will be introduced. As this is devotional practice, no experience or skill in singing is required. Come and join in!

Open to anyone familiar with the mindfulness of breathing and metta bhavana plus Triratna ritual and mantra.

You are welcome to bring your own children who will need to be under your supervision (no creche facilities).


The last session of this year on Sunday 16 December 2.30-5 will focus on the Vairocana and Ākāśadhātvīśvarī mantras.

Tuesday 18 Dec Final sangha night of the year. Five hour mantra. 5-10pm (arrival times 4.45-5pm, 5.45-6pm, 6.45-7.45pm). Chanting the mantras of the five Buddhas of the mandala.


Saturday 19 Jan 2.30-5pm               Focusing on awakening the heart.

Saturday 16 Feb 2.30-5pm               Focusing on awakening the heart.
Saturday 16 March 2.30-5pm          Focusing on awakening the heart.

The sessions will include devotional practice, sitting and walking meditation as well as chanting and singing.



The Three Jewels meet the climate emergency Sat 22 Dec 9.50 – 1pm

Are you concerned about the Climate Emergency?

Are you interested in how the dharma can help us understand the issue and our individual and collective responses, support us to turn towards the reality of the situation and take action?

Meditation and guided reflection on the reality of climate change

 Personal talks exploring different aspects of the issue in relation to the dharma

  Sharing our responses with one another

   Ritual to mark our connection with and care for life, and any intentions we might have

 with Amrtanadi, Amaragita, Beth, Taranita, Rowan and Dayajoti


Getting to know Bhante & his thought

… a chance to encounter Sangharakshita through the Complete Works

If you enjoyed the study sessions with Satyalila and Dhivan on the Complete Works, next sessions will be in 2019 when the next volumes are published. And in the meantime, why not subscribe or treat yourself or a friend to one or more volumes?

Next sessions: Sun 20 Oct   Sun 17 Nov     2.30 – 5pm


Dhivan is a Buddhist scholar and also a poet who has an appreciation of Bhante’s emphasis on the arts as a vital aspect of spiritual practice. Satyalila is part of the team producing Sangharakshita’s Complete Works. Her life has been inspired and guided by Bhante’s presentation of the Dharma for almost 25 years and she’s keen to help others appreciate Bhante’s ‘radically traditional’ approach to Buddhist practice. Listen to them here

The sessions will include an overview of each volume by Dhivan and Satyalila and a close look at a few selected passages. It’s not necessary to own the volumes or have read the material prior to the session – though we hope you’ll be inspired to explore further!

You can buy individual volumes in the bookshop or from windhorse publications (they are also available as ebooks) or subscribe to the whole series and help to fund this great project.


Rains Retreat 2019

This year our Rains retreat will run from Friday 26 April – Thursday 2 May. We are fortunate to have Vajradevi joining us to lead the retreat this year.  More details nearer the time.

Open to Order Members and mitras

A great chance to practice together here in our own Centre.  Why not take the week off and really immerse yourself? Or if that’s not possible, come to as many sessions as you can.