Wisdom that frees – 6 week intro course plus follow on course

An online Meditation and Buddhism course for a restricted world.

Next intro course starts 7th April – 6 Wednesdays 7.30 – 9pm

This introductory course offers profound yet simple teachings to help you uncover genuine ease, contentment and meaning in these troubled times.Come together with others to learn, discuss and share the means to uncover how to become the change you want to see.

Each session will be partly introducing meditation and partly about the Buddhist context that helps meditation to be a real power for change. There will be input from the experienced teaching team plus an opportunity for small group discussion. Each week we will email you material to follow up the session and to take your understanding and experience deeper.  

No charge but we welcome your donations

Follow on course:

Next one starts 26th May after the April intro course

6 Wednesdays 7.30 – 9pm . This course combining teaching, discussion and meditation will help you establish a regular meditation practice and integrate the teachings you find helpful into your daily life. We will be exploring the classic Buddhist teaching of the Noble Eightfold Path for these practical and engaging sessions.

Open to all who’ve done an intro course with us at any time

Email us to register: info@bristol-buddhist-centre.org

Intro to ritual course 28 April

Putting down your aloneness

Ritual is an important but often underused element of Buddhist practice. This is an interactive and exploratory course whose aim is to vitalise ritual for you. You need to have completed an introductory course but beyond that is open for all levels of experience. It will be facilitated by Bhadra and a team of lovers of ritual.

In the early years of Buddhism, there were no Buddha images, only symbols

(Taster sessions on Sangha night 6 & 13 April)


Week 1 : Active descent into the quest for meaning. Moving from head to heart. Stepping down from literalism.

Week 2: The vital taste of reverence. Finding the heart response. Listening to our bodies’ knowing.

Week 3: Standing before a shrine. Letting the world speak. Call and response at the heart of ritual.

Week 4: Enacting freedom. Reimagining the stories that bind. Creating the stories that free.

Week 5: Calling to the sacred. Building our relation to meaningful movement, sounds, symbols and images.

Week 6: The rituals of Triratna. Engaging with existing forms  

6 Wednesday eves 28 April – 9 June (no session 19 May) 7.30 – 9pm

No need to book

Zoom link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89031908435?pwd=VTUvVERuVkhiMFVnOTdhZFJseGdOdz09

If you have problems with Zoom, email us and we will try to help techsupport@bristol-buddhist-centre.org

Rains retreat 14 – 21 May

Walking the direct path

Each year we run a ‘Rains retreat’ for local Order members and mitras. We also hope this year to welcome Order members and mitras from the Frome, Stroud and Buddhafield Sanghas.

Our retreat will be on the theme of Satthipathana generously led by our guest, Dhammarati, from Adhisthana.

The Buddha described his own journey as refinding a lost path. He describes the Satipatthana Sutta as ‘the direct path to realisation’. He suggests this particular teaching is nothing less than an exposition of the whole path. In the sutta he describes a progressive path, beginning with simple awareness of the breath and body, and deepening step by step into contemplation of the nature of experience. On this retreat we’ll looking at each step in our own experience, drawing on the Satipatthana sutta and also making references to the Anapanasati Sutta.

Dhammarati has been involved in Triratna since his first visit to Glasgow Buddhist Centre in 1973, and he was Ordained by Bhante in the Summer of 1976. He was chair of London Buddhist Centre from 1985 till 1992, when he returned to his training as a graphic designer to design Dharma Life magazine, a series of annual reports for Karuna Trust, and the cover designs for Windhorse books of that period. He became a public preceptor in 2003, and was chair of the Preceptors’ College from 2005 – 15.
Since 2015 he has been convenor of Triratna’s International Council, which he has recently left to become a full time member of Adhisthana’s new Dharma Teaching

Here is Dhammarati at our Sangha night last August.

The retreat will be on zoom. Check back for the link nearer the time.

No need to book

Friday 14: 7.30pm Welcome and introduction to the retreat

Daily programme:

7.30 – 8.30am     Unguided meditation and Tiratana vandana

10.00 – 11.30am  Dhammarati  teaching/ meditation block

11.45 – 12.30pm  Home Groups

2.45 – 4.15pm       Dhammarati teaching/ meditation  block 

4.30 – 5.30pm      Bodywork

7.30 – 8.30pm       Meditation/ puja

Going Deeper in Meditation 8 May

Zoom link:  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87960471684

9.45 am for those who have an established familiarity with the forms of the meditation practices we teach, along with an interest in exploring ways of deepening experience in meditation. Consequently we ask for 3 years meditation experience in Triratna of those attending the class.

Dates for 2021: usually the second Saturday of the month

8 May, 12 Jun, 10 July

If you have problems connecting then email:

techsupport@bristol-buddhist-centre.org and we will try and help

Material from 2021 classes:

9 Jan: Towards Embodied Faith in the Buddha’s and our own Awakening

13 Feb: Samadhi

13 March: Disentangling from concepts

10 April: Mindfulness as Sati Appamada Sampajanna



Led Meditation

Explore material from previous years here

Eco-crisis practice group 18 April

Warrior Puja

 drawing on the Shambhala Warrior mind – training verses compiled by Akuppa, and calling on Green Tara. 

Green Tara

Put down the leaden burden of saving the world alone and join with others of like mind.  Align yourself with the forces of resolution.

In this group we draw on the dharma to support each other as we engage with ecological issues. We seek to develop and deepen our spiritual practice in this way, opening heart and mind more fully to wisdom and compassion.

The group is open to anyone with a regular dharma practice and is facilitated by Dayajoti and Vimalavajri.

zoom link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87498333579

If you have problems with Zoom, email us and we will try to help you out techsupport@bristol-buddhist-centre.org

Next meetings: 23 May, 20 Jun, 18 July 5.30 – 7pm

Supportive events for People of Colour

We welcome everyone to our classes. Some people of African, Asian or mixed heritage may find these particular classes at the London Buddhist Centre supportive alongside our Bristol classes.

London Buddhist Centre

Sundays 4 – 5.30pm via zoom

To connect locally, contact Advayamati: advayamati@gmail.com

Watch/listen to Advayamati’s reflections on ‘Black Lives Matter:

‘I’m black, I’m white, I’m Jewish, I’m Buddhist” –

Sangha walk & talk group

This is an opportunity to meet Sangha friends (in addition to on zoom) and enjoy the outdoors together. We will split into smaller groups, not larger than 6 and can have a rest & reshuffle half way through.

Maximum attendance 12 (ie 2 groups of 6)

When: every 2nd and last Monday of month, 11-12:30

April 12+26, May 10+24, June 14+28

Covid guidelines permitting.

Where: meet on grass left of Retreat Cafe on Clifton Downs, Bristol by Water TowerBS9 1FG ( public toilets are nearby).

Please confirm your attendance by text by midday the day before (ie on the Sunday) for contact tracing & bring a face covering in case needed.

Text either: Beate: 07768181724 or Trisha 07751214501 to confirm attendance or if you have any questions.

Trisha and Beate will be there from about 10:30 to greet people. Hope to see you there.

Going Deeper in meditation past sessions

2020 sessions

Nov 14: The Inner Hug: Opening Standing Practice Talk Led Meditation

Oct 10: Chi Gung session with Padmadrishti and led meditation with Kulajalini

Sept 12: on the heart space: Talk and led meditation

July 11: Exploration of Embodied Aware Presence: Talk and led meditation

Jun 20: Mystery of Us: Talk and led meditation

May 9: Embodying the Buddha: Talk  Led Meditation

 April 11: Broad Band of Awareness: Talk  Led Meditation

Feb 8       notes        talk        led meditation

Jan 11     handout

2019 Sessions

12 Jan        handout      Talk   led meditation
  9 Feb        handout      Talk   led meditation
  9 March                                    led meditation
13 April     handout

Listen again to talks and meditations from 2018