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Sangha Nights 2020: our theme is Vision and Transformation 
 As the Buddha taught, vision precedes transformation – we need to have a glimpse or sense of what we want to move towards, of how we want to transform – it’s a glimpse, a taste, a whiff, a touch, a call of something which leads us to want to transform. 
‘Vision and transformation’ (as The Noble Eightfold Path) was one of the first things that the Buddha taught after his enlightenment (see the Dharmacakrapravartana Sūtra).  It’s something that anyone who’s ever set foot inside a Buddhist Centre has had in some way.  Whether we recognise that or not is something we’ll be exploring during the first term.  Vision is the first ‘limb’ of the Eightfold Path, which can be seen as an ‘unfoldment’ (like a flower’s petals or a tree’s branches) as well as a successive sequence of steps.  We’ve some great images to support us in our explorations, designed by Sangha folk.  This first one is by Yasmin Dix.
In the first term, we’re weaving a Level II meditation course into Sangha night – on alternate weeks. Meditation is fundamental to the Buddhist path and everyone can benefit from revisiting the foundations of practice – as Bhante Sangharakshita said ‘There are no higher teachings, only deeper understandings’. 
 In the summer term we’ll be exploring ‘action’ in its broadest sense, as an aspect of transformation – so that includes activism, ethics and ritual.  And in the autumn term we’ll turn towards the wisdom aspects of transformation. 
Our vision is to co-create the Sangha Night programme, so if you’ve ideas for things you’d like to see, please email and we’ll see what we can weave in.  And if you’d like a book to support the explorations,  Sangharakshita’s book The Noble Eightfold Path is the classic guide.
Look forward to seeing you there!

The evening programme starts promptly at 7.30pm – arrive from 7:00pm
no need to book

Our theme for 2020 is Vision and Transformation:

7 Jan: Welcome back – Naravira & Satyalila w Suryadaya
14 Jan: Meditation Course wk 1 – Posture
21 Jan: Urban Retreat Week: the Golden Thread & staying connected with Inspiration/Vision – Satyalila
28 Jan: Meditation Course wk 2 – Balanced Effort        Handout

4 Feb:  The ‘brass tacks’ of manifesting Vision
11 Feb: Meditation Course wk 3 – Focus and Breadth        Handout

18 Feb: Parinirvana Celebration: …. will be focusing on the Buddha’s kindness and will be led by Satyalila & Shraddhalocani.  We’ll hear readings about the Buddha’s kindness in his last days and practice metta bhavana together.  The threefold Puja will be introduced and we’ll conclude the shrine room activities by practising it.  There will be the opportunity afterwards to get together over tea for questions/discussions about Puja for anyone unfamiliar with it.

25 Feb: Meditation Course wk 4 – Hindrances        Handout

3 Mar: Envisioning the Buddha
10 Mar: Meditation Course wk 5 – Dhyana Factors        Handout
17 March: Envisioning the Dharma
24 March: Meditation Course wk 6 – Broad Band of Awareness        Handout
31 March: No Sangha night – Centre closed for Rains Retreat for Order Members & mitras

NB: From next week Sangha night will be trialling a new time, to see if it enables more people to come. The eve will start at 7pm with tea and a chance to catch up with friends and the full programme will start at 7.30 and end at 9.30

7 April:  Triratna Day & Envisioning the Sangha

You can listen again to talks, or catch ones you missed here

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