Online Sangha Night – Tuesdays from 7.15pm

Sangha Nights by Zoom
Tuesday 17 March saw our first ever Sangha Night by Zoom.  There were about 29 of us taking part, and we all agreed it was a great way to meet while the Centre’s closed – so we’re carrying on with our weekly Sangha nights in this way. 
It’s simple to join – just click the link below.  If you don’t already have the Zoom app installed on your computer/tablet/phone it will prompt you to install it.  (If you need technical help, please email and we will endeavour to help – or find someone who can!)!).
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Meeting ID: 288 931 369
You can join us any time from 7.15 pm onwards if you’d like to say ‘hello’ to the other folk there.  We’ll start the evening proper at 7.30 and it will run till about 8.45/9.00 pm.
If you’d like to catch up with what’s been happening at Sangha night, check out our Listen Again 2020 page
Sangha Night Programme
Our theme for Sangha Nights in 2020 is ‘Vision and Transformation’, an exploration of the Buddha’s early teaching on the Noble Eightfold Path.  After beginning the year exploring ‘vision’, in April we move on an exploration of transformation through ‘Action’.
Tuesday 28 April:  Introducing ‘Action’:  Satyalila introduced our next phase of exploring the Buddha’s Noble Eightfol Path.  Moving from a focus on ‘vision’, we go on to explore ‘transformation’ in the sense of ‘action’ in three distinct but complementary ways:  action in terms of ethical practice, action in terms of ritual (‘acts’ of body, speech and mind) and action in terms of activism.
Listen to her introduction
 5 May:  Why Worship the Buddha? Why Ritual?   Suryadaya explored the place of ritual within Buddhist practice as we approach the main event in the Buddhist calendar, Buddha Day, which is traditionally celebrated with ritual and devotion.
Listen to her talk
 12 May: Action in Practice: Remembering to act (or not act!) – Satyalila will share and reflect on a simple daily practice which can support us on the path of transformation.


19 May: Ethics as Freedom with Advayamati

26 May:  ‘The Buddha as Social Revolutionary‘ – a talk from Viveka in San Francisco.  As well as being on Triratna’s International Council, and a former Chair of the San Francisco Buddhist Centre, Viveka has worked for over 20 years in the social justice field. So we’ve decided to bring an international perspective to our exploration of the theme of activism.  (This is a first for us, as we’ll be experimenting with streaming this excellent talk, first given at midnight (our time) on Buddha Day last Saturday.  Do join us for the experiment – and a good discussion afterwards 🙂


2 June: ‘Living Sacredly:  with special guest Ratnavandna. For many years a central aspect of Ratnavandana’s practice has been to practise living as if every moment, every thing were sacred.  If you have any questions on this theme for Ratnavandana, please email by Monday 25 May


If you have problems with Zoom, then please email this address and one of the team will try to help you out

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