Sangha Week 21st – 27th Nov

Joy in the cremation ground: The living practice of Sangha.
Sat 21st November – Fri 27th November

An online retreat led by Bhadra

As the pandemic continues we are having to seek new ways to nurture and deepen our simple human need for connection and community cohesion.

This is an invitation to everyone who has completed an introductory course, Friends, Mitras and Order members to share the practice of enlivening the Sangha jewel, allowing it’s solace and joy to soak into our bones and hearts.

Our regular programme of study and classes will be set aside so we can offer an integrated online retreat programme of meditation, talks, rituals and discussion groups. If you are able to clear your diary for the week that would be ideal. If not, come along for what you can.

Don’t forget the online International Sangha celebrations Saturday 28th November

Full moon puja Thursday 1st October

Next session:

01/10 – Another chance to meet Padmasambhava, the lotus born one.

A devotional evening including readings, puja and chanting with Khemajoti and the puja team, Jay, Merry and Patrick 7-8.30pm

Next dates:
31/10 – Lunchtime (1pm) 
30/11 – Evening (TBC)

If you are having trouble joining the session,

email and we will try and help

Online Sangha Circle – Every Sunday 7.30pm to 9pm with Bhadra and Dharmamrta

Sangharakshita places great emphasis on building Sangha (A friendly community of individuals practicing the Dharma alongside each other). With the closure of the Centre we may be feeling a lack of this Sangha context in which we can share our practice, our reflections and concerns. We are social creatures so we may be finding isolation particularly difficult or we may be appreciating space to re-evaluate how we relate to others.

In the spirit of wanting to reach out and meet you, Bhadra and Dharmamrta invite you into a facilitated circle every Sunday evening from 7.30 to 9pm. We hope you will find this meeting resourcing through simply being with the Sangha. We will start with a short guided meditation to make contact with our felt experience, to tune into what is really alive within us. From there, we will be invited to simply be and listen, or to talk from that aliveness, to be heard and be seen. Everyone is welcome whether you feel you are new or experienced in relation to the precious jewel of Sangha.   

Join Zoom Meeting

Password if needed: 005163

If you have problems with Zoom, then please email this address and one of the team will try to help you out

Going Deeper in Meditation – Sat 10th October

Zoom link:

9.45 am for those who have an established familiarity with the forms of the meditation practices we teach, along with an interest in exploring ways of deepening experience in meditation. Consequently we ask for 3 years meditation experience in Triratna of those attending the class.

From the September 12th session on the heart space: Talk and led meditation

From the July 11th session on Exploration of Embodied Aware Presence: Talk and led meditation

From the June 20th session on Mystery of Us: Talk and led meditation

From the May 9th session on Embodying the Buddha: Talk  Led Meditation

From the April 11th session on Broad Band of Awareness: Talk  Led Meditation

Online Resources – wider Triratna

If you would like to access other teachers, here are just a few recommendations:

Breathworks: Mindful Self-care for Troubling Times

A free online course from our partner organisation based in Manchester who developed the secular Mindfulness for Stress and Mindfulness for Health courses we run at the Centre.

Buddhist Centre Online: Dharma Toolkit for Uncertain Times

Free podcasts and live meditations twice a day Monday to Friday from 23 March.

Windhorse Publications

Free monthly e-books when you sign-up to their newsletter, 10% off book orders on account and free shipping on all orders for the next few months.


A global community focused on mindful and compassionate living providing online meditations since 2001 now has an app and online courses:

Free e-books from Windhorse

Now that the centre bookshop is closed you can get books on the Dharma, meditation and working with your heart-mind directly from the Windhorse Publications website

Sign up to the Windhorse Publications newsletter here to get a link to a free eBook every week, and details about monthly sales on print books.

Create a free sign-up account here to get an additional 10% off all their books. Over the next few months they’re offering free shipping on all orders. 

There’s never been a better time to read!
“We read to know that we are not alone.” – William Nicholson, Shadowlands