‘Evensong’ means evening prayer or ritual. It’s roots are from the ‘vespers’ which in archaic language means ‘evening’.

Join Singhamanas for a spacious practice of poetry, chanting and meditation. This is a beautiful way to start your evening, transitioning from work into whatever awaits you. Connect more with your practice in daily life whilst building connections.

This event is open to everyone. Please note there is no ‘teaching’ as such, but this is an opportunity to practise together and meet with others.

Tuesdays and Thursdays 5pm-6pm – Arrive from 5pm for a 5:15pm start.

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Crucible of Communication

These ‘in person’ events in the Centre facilitated by Bhadra and Dharmamrta can be seen as a facilitated meditation practice focusing on both internal and external experience. Just like meditation, it is an opportunity to gain some insight into the shape and texture of our thoughts and body sensations as they appear, especially how they affect our relation to ourselves and others. 

We start by laying out the Dharma framework with which to orientate ourselves. Then, after some warm-up exercises, helping us come into relationship with each, we sit in the facilitated circle and become sensitive to what arises within and amongst us, choosing for ourselves what to share and what to simply hold in awareness; a simple and sometimes profound communication practice that allows us all to work at our own pace. 

To attend you need to have completed the introductory meditation and Buddhism course at the Centre and be able to attend both days in full.

This is what others have said about their experience:

“A remarkable space – to explore absolutely live the intricacies and conditioning we bring to communication, in the moment of that communication. The sessions are held in a Dharmic context and with Sangha, both of which feel important to me. Bhadra brings a depth of commitment, experience and a raw honesty to this model of group process that is very inspiring.” Ab 

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Sangha Works

“What would it be like to turn all that we do into practice? How different would we experience the world, ourselves and others?

Come and experiment in Sangha Works – turning the ordinary into the extra-ordinary! We start with a check in, before choosing a task to work with as practice from cleaning the centre, to cleaning rupa’s and shrine materials, to light gardening work. We can offer sitting down jobs and more active jobs. We also get to connect with each other and dwell in active, off the cushion practice in the centre.

We start at 10am with a half-hour check in, then get to work!

Just turn up – no need to book.

10am – midday on Wednesdays

Please note – these events are for those who have completed an intro course at any time.

Upcoming Events

- Wed Sep 20th 2023
10:00am - 12:00pm
- Wed Sep 27th 2023
10:00am - 12:00pm
- Wed Oct 4th 2023
10:00am - 12:00pm
- Wed Oct 11th 2023
10:00am - 12:00pm
- Wed Oct 18th 2023
10:00am - 12:00pm
- Wed Oct 25th 2023
10:00am - 12:00pm
- Wed Nov 1st 2023
10:00am - 12:00pm
- Wed Nov 8th 2023
10:00am - 12:00pm
- Wed Nov 15th 2023
10:00am - 12:00pm
- Wed Nov 22nd 2023
10:00am - 12:00pm
- Wed Nov 29th 2023
10:00am - 12:00pm
- Wed Dec 6th 2023
2:45pm - 4:45pm
- Wed Dec 13th 2023
10:00am - 12:00pm
- Wed Jan 3rd 2024
10:00am - 12:00pm

Sangha Night 2021

The theme for 2021 was ‘Tools for Building a Sustainable Practice’

This theme was used to shape the community night which involves talks, discussion, meditation as well as ritual and other delights!

6 Jan: Tools for Building a Sustainable Practice

13 Jan: Advayamati shares his experience of building a sustainable practice… partly through cycling!

27 Jan: Losing and finding ourselves in the service of others with Amaladipa

11 Feb: Guided Stupa Visualisation

14 Feb: The Final Letting Go (Paranirvana)

24 Feb: Intermediate Level Meditation

24 Feb: Focus and Awareness in Meditation

24 Feb: Stillness and Movement in Meditation

3 Mar: Beauty and Truth in Life

10 Mar: Twenty Points for Dealing with Overwhelm (1 overview)

17 Mar: Balancing the Five Spiritual Faculties

31 Mar: Twenty Points for Dealing with Overwhelm (2 faith)

6 Apr: The Tyranny of Perfectionism & the Distrust of Authority

6 Apr: The Enchanted World

15 Apr: The Four Myths

30 Apr: Stepping Down from our Aloneness

5 May: Twenty Points for Dealing with Overwhelm (3 meditation)

5 May: Twenty Points for Dealing with Overwhelm (4 wisdom)

5 May: Uncontrived Mindfulness with Vajradevi

14 May: The Five Spiritual Faculties with Achalavira

9 Jun: Triratna – A History and Distinctive Emphases

22 Jun: The Four Myths and the Parable of the Raincloud

7 Jul: The Questions of King Malinda

7 Jul: The Anatomy of Awareness (meditation series)

10 Jul: The Anatomy of Awareness (meditation series)

21 Jul: The Anatomy of Awareness (meditation series)

22 Jul: The Anatomy of Awareness (meditation series)

27 Jul: The Anatomy of Awareness (meditation series)

7 Sep: First Steps into a New World

14 Sep: The Burning House (series)

21 Sep: The Burning House (series)

28 Sep: The Burning House (series)

6 Oct: Animism and Openness

6 Oct: Dreams and Generations

12 Oct: A Warrior with a Big Heart

12 Oct: Changing India, Changing the World

12 Oct: Breaking Free from Caste

12 Oct: Dr Ambedkar and the Dharma Revolution (further conversations)

19 Oct: Why I Can’t Meditate

19 Oct: Practising with Pain and Love

15 Nov: The Faculty of Wisdom

Bristol Young Buddhists

The Dangers of Literalism

Stop taking everything so literally!

So much of how we speak, our vision of things and our communication is metaphorical and expressing something beyond the words themselves. Words are like a finger pointing at the moon. You’re not meant to be looking at the finger.

Imagination is key to the spiritual path and if we take dharma texts (the Buddha’s teachings) too literally in the wrong context / situation we can get ourselves into a right pickle. Many people struggle with the myths and fantastical imagery of some of Buddhism… don’t take it so literality! It’s easy to misunderstand what is trying to be communicated. This can distance us from others as well as halting our spiritual progress and dedication.

Join the Bristol Young Buddhists team and Kamalavajra.

Diving the Potential of Sangha | Sangha Week Retreat 2021

A beautiful forest canopy appear in the shrine room at the Bristol Buddhist Centre. Those attending the retreat dwelled in this ‘mango grove’ to hear Buddhist teams and and reflect on their practise within the community (sangha).


Befriending Your Mandala of Being for the Benefit of Sangha

Chaos, Doubt and Ambivalence

Breath as the Ground of Sangha

The Field: Interpenetrating Nature of Sangha

Book Keeper Opportunity

Job description

Bookkeeper for the Bristol Buddhist Centre
The individual in this post will take responsibility for providing an effective financial service for the Trustees and
management of the Bristol Buddhist Centre. The work includes

  1. Maintenance of accounting records, currently held in Paxton (cloud based accounting software)
    including bank reconciliations.
  2. Cash flow management to include ensuring that all financial commitments are met.
  3. Creation and management of annual budgets.
  4. Monthly financial reporting to Trustees.
  5. Ensuring adherence to Charity Commission regulations.
  6. Creation of the monthly payroll, using Brightpay (cloud based software).
  7. Annual review of risk management policy to include recommendations to Trustees.
  8. Liaison with the independent examiner to produce year end accounts.
  9. Undertake regular reviews of suppliers of key items to ensure the Centre is receiving best value for money, while
    meeting our ethical standards.
    Preferably AAT qualified, but consideration will be given to applicants with at least 3 years relevant experience.
     Budgets
     Year End accounts
     Gift Aid
     Charity Commission regulations and reporting
     Payroll

 Good attention to detail
 Accurate record-keeping
 Computer literacy, especially familiarity with spreadsheets, databases and accounting software
 Multi-tasking and organisational skills to manage different financial duties, including the ability to prioritise tasks
in order to meet deadlines
 Good interpersonal skills
 Good communication skills

Personal Circumstances:
 A mitra, ideally training for ordination.
 Desire to make work a spiritual practice
 Openness to learning about self and others through work
 Desire to contribute to team development and growth, and ability to work effectively with other team members

The post holder will become part of the Heart Kula (Admin team plus the Chair and Mitra Convenors). This involves
engagement with the various, day to day team tasks involved in effectively running a busy Centre. We are a team-based right livelihood and recognise the importance of deepening our spiritual friendships with each other and working together harmoniously and collectively in order to serve the Sangha.
You would be encouraged to join a support team for at least one regular class or event during the week, be in a mitra
study group and in regular communication with at least two Order members.

The post is for 16 hours per week. The current rate of pay is £9.30 per hour, based on the real living wage. In addition,
an annual retreat allowance of up to £1,500 pro rata is available. Leave for retreats or holidays are 32 days, including all
public holidays. These are annual allowances running from January 1st to December 31 st each year and cannot be carried forward.

The closing date is Mon 25th October; interviews will be held in the following week.
We are looking for someone available to start by the first week of January 2022. If you wish to apply for the post or have an informal chat about the role email Bhadra@bristol-buddhist-centre.org & info@bristol-buddhist-centre.org

Your application should detail your experience and also why you would like to join the Right livelihood team at the Bristol Buddhist Centre. Please enclose your CV and details of two referees.

Bristol Buddhist Centre Vision Statement

  1. The BBC endeavours to be a place for human transformation through following the radical path of the Buddha.
  2. We are a Triratna Centre and part of the world-wide Triratna movement founded by Sangharakshita and so
    offer clear pathways into a deepening system of Dharma training, in line with Sangharakshita’s presentation,
    supporting spiritual growth at all levels of involvement.
  3. We recognise and place great emphasis on spiritual friendship and the practice of Sangha to support our
    practice of the Dharma.
  4. We are committed to ensure we practice and promote the radical spirit of dana in all our activities.
  5. We are committed to creating a vibrant culture of imaginative, creative and artistic exploration expressed
    through our programme and our building.
  6. We are committed to creating a community that is racially and socially diverse.
  7. We are committed to engaging with environmental issues in line with our Buddhist values.
  8. We are committed to ensure the wellbeing of our community by clearly applying our safeguarding policy.
  9. We work collectively to ensure we create a community that is effectively governed, efficient, sustainable and a
    well-resourced charity exemplifying Buddhist principles, benefitting the people of Bristol and beyond.

Contact: bhadra@bristol-buddhist-centre.org and (CC in) info@bristol-buddhist-centre.org to apply or ask any questions.

Sangha Night | Tuesdays 7:30pm

2023 – The Mandala of the Buddhas

This year on sangha night we invite you to journey with us into the awakened mind.
Passing through five Buddha realms, we invite you to meet the figures who live there –
vivid, made of light, blazing with energy. Rich in symbol and meaning, these figures
speak to us directly, in all our human complexity. They involve our imaginations, reach
into our emotional lives, and, if we allow them, they will lead us to compassion and

2024 – New Year – New Sangha Night! 

In 2024 sangha night is changing shape

We will offer various topics in the form of short courses.  You don’t have to book up to attend – just drop in.  But, if a particularly topic interests you, why not decide to come every week for the length of that course?   It will be a good way of going deeper into a subject and practising alongside friends.  

Our first course will be:

The Heart Sutra

9 January to 13 February

The Heart Sutra is perhaps the best known, most loved, and most widely translated Mahayana Buddhist text.   During this six week series we will explore this famous sutra from its origins through to its central mystery of sunyata or emptiness, focussing on what it means for us today as 21st century Buddhists as we seek the Truth. Mining for insights that will help us as we work with our everyday experience of feelings, thoughts, emotions and desires.

Later spring courses (exact dates to be published)  will be 

4 weeks in March : Establishing a creative meditation practice

6 weeks in April / May : What is the Sangha?” :  the many faces of spiritual community”.

The year will also be peppered through with individual evenings on the theme of Living the Dharma Life.  In our movement we live our Dharma lives in a wide variety of ways – in families, communities, work, study, the creative arts, activism, in solitude, in our Centres and organisations – to name only some.  Through the year we will be inviting people to come and share with us these rich and varied experiences. 

Do come along and take part in as much as you can.   Sangha night is a wonderful way to share our inspiration in the Dharma and support one another in our spiritual life.

Every Tuesday 7.30 – 9.30pm

All our classes are run on donations which means everyone, regardless of income, can learn about Buddhism and meditation. To keep this revolutionary approach going, please do give what you can!

If you’d like to catch up with what’s been happening at Sangha Night, subscribe to our YouTube channel for all the latest ones or our Listen Again pages for material from 2020 and before.

Sangha Night is for the community (anyone who has done the intro course, or has been to the introductory classes for a number of months) to get together to talk, meditate, hear the teachings of the Buddha and discuss them.

Find out what’s happening at Sangha Night on our events page. We would love to welcome you.

Upcoming Events

- Tue Jul 9th 2024
7:30pm - 9:30pm
- Tue Jul 16th 2024
7:30pm - 9:30pm
- Tue Jul 23rd 2024
7:30pm - 9:30pm
- Tue Jul 30th 2024
7:30pm - 9:30pm
- Tue Aug 6th 2024
7:30pm - 9:30pm

Listen again 2022

4 Jan: Be the Revolution

18 Jan: Effort and Effortlessness (part of the Urban Retreat week)

25 Jan: The Heart of the Issue (Wheel of Life Course)

1 Feb: Placing Faith in Conditions (Wheel of Life Course)

8 Feb: The Mirror of Myriad Worlds (Wheel of Life Course)

15 Feb: Slowing the Momentum of Delusion Part 1 (Wheel of Life Course)

15 Feb: Slowing the Momentum of Delusion Part 2 (Wheel of Life Course)

22 Feb: Small Deaths Make a Precious Life (Wheel of Life Course)

1 Mar: Spiralling Down to Wisdom (Wheel of Life Course)

8 Mar: Working with the Mind in Meditation Part 1

15 Mar: Working with the Mind in Meditation Part 2

22 Mar: The Dilemmas of Ethics Part 1 (Course)

29 Mar: The Dilemmas of Ethics Part 2 (Course)

7 Jun: Revolution Through the Body (Course)

13 Oct: Finding the Middle Way – between the psychological and the spiritual

20 Oct: The Wisdom of the Heart Sutra

Sangha Circle | Sun 7:30pm

Sunday evenings | 7:30 – 9pm

Held as a mixture of online meetings and in person at the Centre.
First meeting in person at the Centre is 12th September, then 10th October, 7th November and 5th December.
All other Sundays are online meetings 7.30 – 9pm. See events page for details.

In the spirit of wanting to reach out and meet you, Bhadra and Dharmamrta invite you into a facilitated circle every Sunday evening. We hope you will find this meeting resourcing through simply being with the Sangha. We will start with a short guided meditation to make contact with our felt experience, to tune into what is really alive within us. From there, we will be invited to simply be and listen, or to talk from that aliveness, to be heard and be seen. Everyone is welcome whether you feel you are new or experienced in relation to the precious jewel of Sangha. Building Sangha (community) is an important emphasis of our lineage of Buddhism.

Join Zoom Meeting

Padmasambhava Day | 12 Sept

Sunday 12th September | 11am – 5pm | hybrid event

Termas, Bardos and Transformation:

Padmasambhava and the realm of the in between

As we return hesitantly or enthusiastically from our enforced retreat… what do we carry from that experience? A day of Talk, vision quest and ritual celebrating the magical exemplar, Padmasambhava and the in between realm.

To book an in person place email Esme on info@bristol-buddhist-centre.org by 4pm on Friday 10th.

Zoom: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86046297139


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