Inclusivity and Access

Inclusivity and Access

We welcome everyone to our classes! We are continually reviewing the way we run our events and classes to make them as inclusive as possible. If there’s something that would make you feel more welcome, or would help you access our classes then please do let us know. Honest feedback is welcome. Email to start a conversation, or speak directly to a member of the team.

Gender Inclusivity

The Bristol Buddhist Centre welcomes every person and aims to support them to participate fully in the events and the life of the Centre. This includes people whose sense of gender exists outside of the binary notions of male and female.

If you identify as gender diverse and need/would like a discussion, then you are very welcome to speak to either of our Mitra Convenors: Naravira or Vimalavajri.

Read more about the history and current day situation around gender at the Bristol Buddhist Centre here.

Race & Ethnicity Inclusivity

Some people of African, Asian, mixed heritage and other racial and ethnic identifications and backgrounds may find these particular classes at the London Buddhist Centre and The Buddhist Centre Online supportive alongside our Bristol classes:

London Buddhist Centre – 2nd Sunday of the month, 10-11:30am via zoom. Conact the LBC PoC team by emailing:

Watch/listen to Advayamati’s reflections on the Black Lives Matter movement:

‘I’m Black, I’m White, I’m Jewish, I’m Buddhist”

Disability Inclusivity

We are looking into ways of making our Centre easier to access for those with accessibility needs.

Currently, have a microphone for our speaker, and an amplifier to wear for the individual who uses hearing aids. Let us know if this is something you’re interested in and we can set it up for the class you want to attend. We have a hearing loop system, if you’d like this to be used in sessions you attend then email us beforehand / leave a note for the team in the mailbox outside the centre. There is also wheelchair access into the Centre. Previously we offered online access to certain classes, however due to limited capacity we have retracted this for the time being. We are hoping to review this again in the Autumn.

If you’d like to listen to texts or the Mitra course you can find links here. There’s also lots of other information and resources beyond the Bristol Centre, such as FreeBuddhistAudio, for talks, as well as Facebook groups for those who identify as Gender Diverse or Neuro Diverse. Take a look!

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