Online Body-Dharma Thurs morn

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‘Sensitive to the whole body’ is one of the Buddha’s ‘pith instructions’. What might it mean to us? How can we become more sensitive to the life of our body and breath? In this class we explore this question.

Body Dharma with Advayamati
Thursdays 10am – 11.30

Body-dharma yoga is a ‘still flowing’ form of Hatha yoga that incorporates Vinyasa flow, Scaravelli inspiration, somatic approach with a ‘practical’ mindfulness. These aid the integration of mind, body and spirit using the yoga of curiosity and letting go.

Trained yoga teacher Advayamati brings his experience of many years practice, leading workshops and retreats that combine shiatsu and energy work with teaching Buddhism and embodied mindfulness.

He offers a great gift for these difficult times.

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