NEW! Body-Dharma Sessions

‘Sensitive to the whole body…’

One of the Buddha’s pith instructions. What does it mean to us? How can we become more sensitive to the life of our body and breath?

In an exciting new development for the Centre we are offering a range of classes that integrate yoga and other body based practices with our meditation teaching programme.

All the classes listed are suitable for everyone and are taught by qualified body work practitioners with experienced meditation teachers who are members of the Triratna Buddhist Order.

Part of the generosity economy. No need to book. See individual classes for more details.

Monday 10-12.15pm six week course starting Jan 7th

More details on this class very soon

Michelle Healey is a trained yoga teacher

Thursday 10-12.15pm six week course starting Jan 10th

Through the practice of Yoga and meditation, alongside exploring some of the teachings of the Dharma in relation to the body, we will discover together why the Buddha emphasises the body as a way of deepening practice. In these sessions we will practice yoga which will flow into led meditation with some discussion of body related Dharma.

Dharmamrta is a Scaravelli trained yoga teacher and has practiced yoga and meditation for over twenty years.  

These sessions are offered as a six week block and you are really encouraged to come to them all to gain most from the teaching. The yoga is suitable for complete beginners and is meditative and gentle in its approach, helping to cultivate and rest into an energised calm.

Friday 10 – 12.15  and also 5.45 – 7pm 5 week course starting Jan 11

Body-dharma yoga is a ‘still flowing’ form of Hatha yoga that incorporates Vinyasa flow, Scaravelli inspiration, somatic approach with a ‘practical’ mindfulness. These aid the integration of mind, body and spirit using the yoga of curiosity and letting go. Advayamati brings his experience of many years practice, leading workshops and retreats that combine shiatsu and energy work with teaching Buddhism and embodied mindfulness.

Please wear comfortable, loose clothing for these sessions.  No need to book – just come along to the first session

Also day event Sun Mar 24 – 10 – 5pm more info in the New Year

Learn to Meditate – Thursday Lunchtimes 1-2pm, plus NEW CLASS! Friday lunchtimes from Jan 11

Awareness is revolutionary – Sangharakshita

Our lunchtime drop-in classes are a good way to sample meditation for the first time.  Full instructions given including how to sit comfortably in a chair or on cushions on the floor. We’ll introduce one of our meditation practices – either the mindfulness of breathing which develops calm, focus and wholeheartedness, or a loving kindness (metta bhavana) meditation which develops emotional strength.

There’s no need to book, just come along in time for a prompt 1pm start (doors open 12.45).  We’ll introduce the meditation, then guide you through a practice, and be finished by 2pm.  Stay for a cuppa and chat from 2.00-2.30pm if you can.

No classes Dec 27, Jan 3   Class starts again Jan 10

How much does it cost?
We’re keen to develop a culture of generosity so there is no charge for these sessions, but we’ll invite you to give what you can. Of course you don’t have to give anything if you don’t want or can’t afford to, but we hope you’ll be able to contribute appropriately to the running costs of the centre so more people can benefit.

What should I wear?
You don’t need any special clothes for meditation, just wear comfortable trousers or a loose skirt so you can bend your knees.

What do I need to bring?
You don’t need to bring anything to the class, we have meditation cushions and stools, and will give advice on sitting posture as part of the meditation session.

Do I need any previous experience of meditation?
No, these sessions are suitable for complete beginners.

How can I learn more about meditation?
You can read a little about meditation on our Buddhism & Meditation page, but there’s no substitute for coming along to try it out for yourself!

Doors open 12.45pm.


New Years Eve at Bristol Buddhist Centre – 31st Dec 2018

31 December 2018, 19:45pm – 1 January 2019, 00:30am

New Year’s Eve. An evening of Dance and chanting in the new.

8pm-10pm Dance.
(Doors open 7.45-8pm, Doors closed 8-10pm). Open dance/movement with music offered by Dayajoti (not a led session). Followed by meditation.

10pm -10.30pm
Chilling out with Chai (you are welcome to bring nibbles to share). (Doors open from 10-10.30, closed from 10.30 onwards )

10.30pm til after midnight
. Moods of puja including Chanting and meditation. (Doors open 10-10.30) Chanting with periods of reflection and meditation; including a chance to reflect and offer to the three jewels anything we’d like to let go of during the Vajrasattva mantra by an outdoor fire, and an opportunity to reflect on any intentions for the coming year and offer whilst chanting a heart wish for all beings to be well and happy. Led by Karunavapi.
Open to those familiar with ‘Triratna taught’ mindfulness of breathing, metta bhavana, ritual and mantra.

Communication Weekends 2019

Bhadra will be facilitating three weekend events this year. You are welcome to come to just one or all three. 

Each event will begin with some teaching input, then some pair work, moving towards working together as a whole group in ‘process work’.

This is a direct method of discovering the living Dharma through our relational life. Just like any spiritual
practice it can be both challenging and liberating. You will be encouraged to go at your own pace and trust your own responsiveness. The hope in offering these events is that we create conditions for Sangha to be seen as a practice that can enrich our relational lives and reveal the Dharma through awareness of what happens in the simple act of meeting.

Book through the Centre as there are limited places for each event.

Dates: 23/24th February. “Start from where you are”
22/23rd June. “Seeking what wants to be known”
28/29th September. “Articulating longing”