Body-Dharma day retreat

Saturday 23rd November 10 – 5pm with Advayamati

Experience meditation through the body. Explore and free energy and body wisdom as a gateway to greater calm, peace, awareness and flow. 

‘body dharma’ is a practical application of inter-connectedness, mindfulness & loving kindness with the body, gentle movement, vitality and a sense of fun!

Wear suitable clothing for meditation and movement. 

Open to all – no need to book – just come for a prompt start at 10am

Bring vegan/veggie lunch to share

Triratna Day. 3 Talks from a delightful day of celebration and gratitude: Triratna locally, internationally and mythically

  1. Satyalila details the amazing history of the generosity of so many people that created the local institution of the Bristol Buddhist Centre

2. Manjuvajra describes the pioneering spirit of the early days of Triratna. The willpower and naivety that established the unique international presence of our Triratna institutions

3. Bhadra looks at the myth of Avalokitesvara that sustains the Triratna institutions. The dynamic between form and emptiness that protects them and the spirit of purposeless play that Sangharakshita encouraged.