Eco-crisis practice group Sun 18 Oct 5.30- 7pm

Early this year we formed an Eco-crisis practice group at the Centre. We met on three occasions but stopped during lockdown because initially we were not so keen to continue on zoom. But zoom is still with us and so we are re-convening online.
In this group we draw on the dharma to support each other as we engage with ecological issues. We seek to develop and deepen our spiritual practice in this way, opening heart and mind more fully to wisdom and compassion.
The group is led by Dayajoti and Vimalavajri and is open to anyone with a regular dharma practice. So it would be great to see you there. Do join us on In the mundane world, we will be connecting via zoom ; imaginatively, we’ll be sitting with the Buddha under the Bodhi tree!Zoom link “

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