Sangha Night – Programme

Exploring Buddhist Teachings on a lively evening of talks, discussion, meditation and ritual. Open to everyone practising regularly at any Triratna Centre (familiarity with mindfulness of breathing and metta bhavana as taught in Triratna is assumed)

The evening programme starts promptly at 7.30pm – arrive from 7pm
no need to book

You can listen again to talks, or catch ones you missed here

2018 theme – Five Aspects of the Dharma Life

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Positive Emotion

27 March: Introducing positive emotion and Ratnasambhava with Prajnamati and Kulajalini Handout Talk

3 April: Celebrating Triratna Order 50th Birthday with 50 voices: Talk

Satyalila shared some glimpses into the vision and the (sometimes messy!) unfolding of what began on 7 April 1968 when Triratna Buddhist Order was founded.  The talk includes a sneak preview of the ‘Fifty Years, Fifty Voices’ project, she’s been working on since last year and how Sangharakshita’s Complete Works are a vital part of the story.

10 April: self metta with Kulajalini Talk Exercise

17 April: Universality; no preference with Kulajalini

24 April: Wild awake; alone, offline and aware in nature with Vajragupta

1 May: No class as we are closed for our annual Rainy Season Retreat for Order members and mitras

8 May: Mudita Karuna Shraddha Upekkha with Prajnamati

15 May: Positive Qualities with Prajnamati

22 May: Bodhichitta Puja – wishfulfiling jewel with Prajnamati

29 May: Buddha Day Festival Full Moon Puja

5 June: Ratnasambhava delight? with  Amalavajra



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