Sangha Night – Programme

Exploring Buddhist Teachings on a lively evening of talks, discussion, meditation and ritual. Open to everyone practising regularly at any Triratna Centre (familiarity with mindfulness of breathing and metta bhavana as taught in Triratna is assumed)

The evening programme starts promptly at 7.30pm – arrive from 7:00pm
no need to book

You can listen again to talks, or catch ones you missed here

2018 theme – Five Aspects of the Dharma Life

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Spiritual Receptivity & the realm of Amitabha

3 July: Introducing Receptivity and Amitabha’s Realm with Naravira

Receptivity corresponds in practice to Just Sitting and Simply Being. It emphasises the quality of awareness that is inherent within our experience. It is an opening to full presence of body sense and awareness. It moves us in the direction of opening to our true nature beyond mental fabrications, to being in undivided awareness – conceptually unknowable and ungraspable.
This series in the Mandala of Practice will explore the ideas and practice of receptivity through a number of short talks and introductions, as well as led meditations. Although the idea of Just sitting might sound simple, there can be many ways of unfolding it. We will be exploring some of these ways by looking directly at the nature of our awareness and how to simply BE without doing. We will look at ways the thinking mind can be ‘seen’ in order to not be constantly under its sway and we will question our assumptions about what is happening in our direct experience.
3-Jul-2018 Introducing Receptivity and Amithaba’s realm
10-Jul-2018 Receptivity
17-Jul-2018 Receptivity + Amrtanadi welcome back
24-Jul-2018 Receptivity
31-Jul-2018 Receptivity
7-Aug-2018 Amitabha puja with Moksanandi
14-Aug-2018 Simple sangha practice night on receptivity with Prajnamati
21-Aug-2018 Simple sangha practice night on receptivity with Janaka
28-Aug-2018 Bhante’s birthday puja
4-Sep-2018 Receptivity
11-Sep-2018 Receptivity


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