Sangha Night | Listen again 2020

Sangha Night | Listen again 2020

Sangha Night | Listen again

Missed a talk or want to listen again? Most of our talks done on Zoom are available on our YouTube channel – please subscribe!

If you missed the Life with Full attention course in Autumn 2020, helf on Sangha Night, you can catch up with it on our youtube channel though due to a hitch, week 6 is only available on audio (below)

And here’s Satyalila’s intro to the mandala of Buddha qualities, the Five Buddha Mandala:

18 August: Taranita on Pilgrimage and the Spiritual Journey. What is the purpose of pilgrimage? A valuable Buddhist practice, or an excuse for exotic tourism? An important means of connecting with our spiritual ideals, or self indulgent virtue signalling? Taranita gives a short talk, followed by a guided meditation of a pilgrimage to a place of the Buddha.

2 June: Ratnavandana on Living Sacredly. Ratnavandana (interviewed by Satyalila) talks about ‘living sacredly’, an aspiration she has put into practice to many years. The video for this talk is on our YouTube channel. There is also an audio of the meditation from that evening and a PDF of Hakuin’s Song of Meditation.

31 Mar: The first Puja of our online Sangha Nights via Zoom. We don’t have an audio recording, but we do have the text of the Amitabha Puja, that was led by Taranita, plus the readings of Rumi’s ‘Be Clear Like a Mirror’ and Dilgo Kyentse Rinpoche’s ‘Self and Others’.

17 Mar: The first of our online Sangha Nights via Zoom meeting. Naravira talks on Envisioning the Dharma.

3 Mar: Taranita talks on Envisioning the Buddha.

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