Online Sangha Meditation – Every Weds lunchtime 1-2pm

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Sangha Meditation at Lunchtime

with Bhadra, Naravira and Team.   

Come and join us online for this friendly lunch time drop-in class, for those familiar with mindfulness of breathing and metta bhavana meditations.

The class will include some Dharma teaching and suggestions for supporting ourselves and each other in these complex times.  We will be continuing to emphasise the means to come into an ever deeper connection with the totality of our experience which includes our fears and joys. These Meditation classes help us build the capacity to engage with whatever arises with openhearted kindness, care and curiosity.  It can be very supportive to meditate with others even though we are online together

For those who like to talk about meditation, at the end of the meditation session (2pm) there is an opportunity to participate in a group discussion also online.  (Whether or not you have particular issues or questions, just listening or talking about our meditation practice can be very helpful.) Ends 2.40

Join classes online here at every Wednesday at 1pm

Recording of Meditation session 25th March. Bhadra introduces the concept of the window of tolerance to help us work effectively in meditation at this unprecedented time. This meditation can be a particularly helpful alternative method using sound as the main gateway into a sense of spacious kind awareness if we are feeling too full of difficult sensations within the Body.

Meditation class. 1st April Facing Medusa with the mirror of spacious awareness.

Bhadra continues exploring how to resource ourselves through meditation in these complex times. He offers an alternative way to approach the Mettabhavana using the myth of Medusa to describe the way we can avoid becoming frozen or overwhelmed when trying to turn towards difficult sensations. He lightly leads through the mettabhavana using the mirror of awareness itself to help us move towards our actual sensations without becoming overwhelmed or frozen by them.

Meditation class. 8th April. Letting go of control and the mettabhavana

Naravira introduces the idea of letting go of control as a means discover that which suppresses the natural flow of metta. The guided meditation emphasises staying with the embodied felt sense as a means to notice and release the grip arising from the desire to control as we turn towards the five stages of the mettabhavana.

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