Sangha Meditation – Weds lunchtime 1-2pm

Going Deeper at Lunchtime

with Kulajalini & Bhadra.   Tea & discussion from 2 – 2.45pm

Come and join this friendly lunch time drop-in class, for those familiar with mindfulness of breathing and metta bhavana meditations. (If you need instruction in the basic practices you may find the Tuesday and Thursday classes more suitable).
The class will include suggestions for deepening practice, alongside guided or partially guided meditations. There is always space for questions and discussion as well as opportunities for one-to-one meditation reviews after the main class. (Whether or not you have particular issues or questions, just talking to someone about your practice can be very helpful.)
As well as Mindfulness of Breathing and Metta Bhavana practice, we include at times Just Sitting, walking meditation, standing meditation and other practices. We emphasise coming into an ever deeper connection with the totality of our experience.

Programme for the next few weeks:

Feb 13:

Part one. Tools for making the shift into spacious awareness. Centring through attending to the qualities of the breath.

Feb 20:

Part two. Tools for making the move into spacious awareness. Attending to the whole body, encouraging a sense of relaxing downwards and energising upwards. Calming by encouraging attention onto the sensations of breathing.

Feb 27:  

Distinguishing between Sensation and thought. Releasing the grip of thoughts that diminish awareness. Opening to aliveness through the breath and the senses.

March 6:

Distinguishing the factors that lead to concentration and integration. Making the choice to attend to these supports.

March 13:

Unfolding Metta

Part one. Particular focus on Stages one and two. Ourselves and the good friend.

March 20:  

Unfolding Metta 

Part two. Particular focus on stages two and three. The good friend and the neutral person.

March 27:

Unfolding Metta

Part three. Particular focus on stages three and four. The neutral person and the person we are having difficulty with.

April 3:

Just sitting. Building confidence by practising letting go. 

April 10:

Just sitting. Building fearlessness by sensing the support of the earth and the anchor of the breath.

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