Listen again 2019

Missed a talk or want to listen again?

15 Jan: Bhadra introduces our theme for the year
An edited overview of the theme with particular emphasis on what we mean when we talk of awakening in relation to the heart.

22 Jan: Bhadra on the heart
An edited version of the talk opening up the idea of heart in Buddhist practice and its relation to the precepts

29 Jan: Taranita looks at Vessantara’s 20 suggestions for dealing with overwhelm (part 1)

Read Vessantara’s original article here

5th Feb: Part 2 of Taranita’s talk on Vessantara’s 20 suggestions for dealing with overwhelm.

12 Feb: Satyalila on meeting the buddha through imagination

5th March. ‘A Case of Dysentry’. An example of the awakened heart in action from the Life of the Buddha. Bhadra focuses in this talk on the risk of an attitude of utilitatrianism that might undermine Spiritual community.

11th June. The dialectic of Wisdom and Compassion. Simhanada explores the dynamic relation between these apparently separate aspects of the enlightened Mind.

18th June. ‘The Mystery of Bodhicitta’. Bodhicitta as the meeting of the universal and the individual. Bhadra explores this mystery as a path from group, to individual, to the higher third and culminating in the Greater mandala of purposelessness

25 June An introduction to the Heart Sutra. Taranita gives the first talk in our mini-season of six on the Heart Sutra. Listen here

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