Listen again – talks from 2018

Here are the talks from Manjuvajra on Padmasambhava given on the festival day and on the Tues eve:

Padma in the cremation ground:

Padma the magician:

Padma’s Birth:



17 July – Amrtanadi welcome back – read her talk below:

my welcome back

Spiritual Receptivity & the realm of Amitabha

3 July – Launching the new series on Spiritual Receptivity and Amitabha – talk by Naravira

Positive Emotion & the realm of Ratnasambhava

26 June – Shantigarbha launching his book ‘I’ll meet you there’ – talk upload coming soon!

12 June: Buddhist Action Month: ‘Revisioning our Relation to the World’ with Bhadra  Talk

5 June: Ratnasambhava’s delight with  Amalavajra Guided Katanyata Bhavana (cultivation of gratitude) meditation

1-4 June: Sangha Retreat at Adhisthana Naravira-led-Meditation

1-4 June: Sangha Retreat at Adhisthana Naravira-Dharmakaya-Talk

1-4 June: Sangha Retreat at Adhisthana Satyalila-Samboghakaya-Talk

1-4 June: Sangha Retreat at Adhisthana Bhadra’s Talk

1-4 June: Sangha Retreat at Adhisthana Satyalila-Talk

15 May: The Brahma Viharas with Prajnamati Handout / Talk / Mudita Exercise / Guided Karuna Bhavana

8 May: Celebrating the Positive with Prajnamati Handout / Talk /Guided Meditation

17 April: Listen to Kulajalini’s talk and meditation.

10 April: self metta with Kulajalini Talk Exercise

3 April: Celebrating Triratna Order 50th Birthday with 50 voices: Talk

Satyalila shared some glimpses into the vision and the (sometimes messy!) unfolding of what began on 7 April 1968 when Triratna Buddhist Order was founded.  The talk includes a sneak preview of the ‘Fifty Years, Fifty Voices’ project, she’s been working on since last year and how Sangharakshita’s Complete Works are a vital part of the story.

27 March: Introducing positive emotion and Ratnasambhava with Prajnamati and Kulajalini Handout / Talk

Integration and the Realm of Akshobya

20 March Sarah leaves for ordination – (Jvalamalini, Jen and Beth). Akshobhya mantraMetta sutta.

13 Mar : Taranita with ‘The Buddha’s Life as a Journey of Integration‘.

6 Mar : Karunavapi with ‘Commitment and Doubt‘.

27 Feb : Jvalamalini with ‘Vajra: Symbol of Integration‘.  and the talk by Sangharakshita that Jvalamalini mentions

20 Feb : Subhadramati with ‘Lion’s Roar: Why Integration = Love‘.

6 Feb : Unfortunately Bhadra’s talk didn’t record but here’s the write up: The mandala of selves and the mirror

30 Jan : Dayajoti with ‘Calming the Restless Mind‘.

23 Jan : Jvalamalini with ‘Touching Earth – Introducing Akshobya and Integration‘.

16 Jan : Jvalamalini with ‘Mandala of Practice – a Map for the Journey‘.

9 Jan : Karunavapi with ‘Mandalas: Mythic and Personal‘.


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