Regular Giving

Building Sangha Together 

Bristol Buddhist Centre runs on generosity!
All we do is possible through the generosity of our Sangha.

And we’re growing – to build for the future of our growing Sangha needs another £1500 a month in 2017-8 (to support another one and a half order members)  The sky’s the limit – imagine what a different Centre we’d have with another 6 talented and inspired full-timers!
Please help!  It’s easy – just click whichever button below is right for you, and it’ll take you to the GoCardless online direct debit set-up.  To increase an existing direct debit, just email us!

£60 a month

£50 a month   £75 a month   £100 a month

£40 a month    £35 a month   £30 a month

£25 a month   £20 a month  £15 a month

£12 a month   £10 a month

£6 a month   £5 a month   £3.50 a month

For other amounts please email and let us know how much you’d like to give.

Running our activities costs around £12 per person per visit, so if you come along regularly £60 a month would be an appropriate contribution. Offering one person a free 6 week course costs £6 a month for a year. If everyone slightly connected with the Centre gave £3.50 a month the dana economy would work.

We increased our monthly direct debit income from £1120 in 2014 to £2342 in August 2016 – thank you!

Building for the Future will need £3800 a month in 2017

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