Urban Retreat Launch! | Effort and Effortlessness

Urban Retreat Launch! | Effort and Effortlessness

Sat Jan 15th 2022 10:00am - 4:30pm

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This event has already happened.
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Mitra Retreat Sangha

Our Theme: Effort & Effortlessness

‘Effort’ is a word that can take some unpacking – especially in the Buddhist context.  Many of us are drawn to Dharma-practice after years of ‘over-efforting’ in an unhelpful way in our lives which can leave us feeling depleted and worn out.  Sinking into the ‘bliss of meditative absorption’ can be a strong draw, as is the image of the calmly seated Buddha.  And the path to these ‘effortless’ states we’ve glimpsed takes effort – not just any old effort, but ‘right effort’(the sixth stage of the Buddha’s Noble Eightfold Path.)

On this Urban Retreat we’ll take time to explore – and practice – what ‘right effort’ looks like for us right now.  ‘What is it time for?’, as the Buddha said.  Where is that ‘sweet spot’ where we can find a sustainable engagement with those time-honoured practices the Buddha taught, to transform ourselves, and the world?

On our day retreat at the start (10-4.30 on Sat 15 Jan) we’ll have an introduction to what Urban Retreat is, and to our theme this year.  There will also be time to lay our plans, individually and collectively and set some intentions for the week.  We’ll come back together on Saturday 22 Jan (10 am – 1 pm) to catch up with each other and review, see how we’ve done and what intentions we might want to make going forward from the retreat.  In between there will be optional early morning meditations (online), a special Sangha night on ‘Revolution & Effort’ and an (in person only) Urban Retreat puja on Friday 21 January. 

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Kamalavajra, Satyalila, Joy and Merry

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I love that the urban retreat gives me the opportunity to get really creative about weaving my Buddhist practice into the sometimes mundane parts of my everyday life. It helps me to make what feel like small and manageable changes to my routine to invite in more opportunities for meditation and mindfulness, and carry some good habits forwards beyond the time of the retreat. During past urban retreats, I have found it really useful to take particular care of my living space to make it a little more “special” with reminders of my retreat intentions (such as displaying pieces of art or covering up the TV screen). I’ve been left with a real sense of peace and gratitude in my home.” – Yasmin

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