Sangha Night

Sangha Night

Tue Jan 31st 2023 7:30pm - 9:30pm

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This event has already happened.
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Sangha Night

On Sangha Night this week will be a practice evening centred around Akshobya and his powerful, yet mysterious, Earth-touching mantra, which echoes that of the Buddha immediately before his Enlightenment when calling the Earth Goddess as a witness. The evening will consist of meditation, readings and Puja.

With Taranita.

This year on sangha night we invite you to journey with us into the awakened mind. Passing through five Buddha realms, we invite you to meet the figures who live there – vivid, made of light, blazing with energy. Rich in symbol and meaning, these figures speak to us directly, in all our human complexity. They involve our imaginations, reach into our emotional lives, and, if we allow them, they will lead us to compassion and wisdom.

In January we begin our journey by entering the Eastern Realm of the deep blue Buddha, Akshobya. His time of day is dawn, the time of day when things emerge into clarity. He radiates a mirror-like wisdom, which sees things just as they really are. Without the distorion of the negative emotions, he also radiates metta, love. He holds up for us a vajra, a diamond thunderbolt, symbol of transformation and intuitive wisdom. Totally relaxed, his right hand reaches down and touches the earth, completely grounded, utterly confident. His name means Unshakeable – as firm and stable as the four enormous elephants which support his lotus throne…

Dwelling with Aksbhobya at the beginning of the year we will be exploring the rich symbolism of the Eastern realm through talks, discussion, meditation and ritual.

Doors open at 7:15pm for a 7:30pm start.

Sangha Night is for the community (anyone who has done the intro course, or has been to the introductory classes for a number of months) to get together to talk, meditate, hear the teachings of the Buddha and discuss them.

We are here today because the people before us have generously given to keep us going. All our classes are run on donations which means everyone, regardless of income, can learn about Buddhism and meditation. To keep this revolutionary approach going, please do give. Thank you.

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