A Sacred Place of Praise – Sangha Night

A Sacred Place of Praise - Sangha Night

Tue Nov 29th 2022 7:30pm - 9:30pm

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This event has already happened.
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Sangha Night

Karunavapi invites you into a sacred place of praise. 

Karunavapi has been living a more contemplative life in rural Spain these past four years, after a busy few decades of working in Triratna Centres. 

Her land is Thutimandala, a sacred space of praise, named after one of her most loved suttas from the Sutta-Nipata; Pingiya’s Praises of The Way to the Beyond (Parayana Thuti Gatha). 

After meditation and a longer tea break, Karunavapi will lead a 7-fold puja with readings from this Sutta. 

If you are new to Triratna ritual then Karunavapi will create a context for you participate.

During this second half of the autumn we will be dedicating Sangha Night to a series of practice evenings.

At the end of last year we conducted a survey into what elements of the centre life people would like more of. One aspect that many people commented on was wanting to have more opportunities for collective practice.

These evenings will be a chance to come together for meditation, walking meditation and puja. There will also be longer tea breaks, giving people the opportunity to socialise and become acquainted with other Sangha members. 
Practicing together in larger numbers was one of the aspects that the Buddha recommended for developing and unifying Sangha. Often when practicing with others we feel more inspired ourselves. 

Come and join us on these evenings. There won’t be any teaching or input just a chance to practice and deepen. 

This is our community night! It is suitable for those who have completed an introductory course with us at any time.

Doors open at 7:15pm for a 7:30pm start.

We rely on your donations to keep our doors open and our classes running. It is due to the gifts of those who have come along previously that we are here now sharing meditation and Buddhism. To be part of this continuing flow of care and generosity to others, please do donate here.

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