Sangha Meditation Class

Sangha Meditation Class

Wed Nov 30th 2022 1:00pm - 2:30pm

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This event has already happened.
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Sangha Meditation

‘Just Sitting’ or ‘Simply Being’ Meditation

This term we are exploring the ‘Just Sitting’ meditation practice. This mediation compliments the Mindfulness of Breathing and the Metta Bhavana but at the same time is its own standalone practice.

Much of our lives are taken up with doing. How can we simply be with our

The simply being practice is about resting in the flow of immediate
experience, simply what is here. It points towards the undivided nature of
‘just this’ or ‘what is’ – alive, immediate, intimate being, unhooked from the
disturbing notions of self. It points us in the direction of a wholeness and an
underlying ground of compassionate ‘thusness’.

Thoughts become just thoughts, sensations just sensations, feelings just
feelings, the senses just the senses.

The Buddha encouraged us to live like this, “in the seen only the seen, in the
sensed only the sensed, in the thought only the thought” and stated that
“just this is the end of suffering”.

The lunchtime class is a weekly class that runs between 1 and 2pm on
Wednesdays. If you have time you can stay on afterwards for our class group
discussion from 2 till 2.30pm. With Naravira.

Open to those who have completed the intro courses and are familiar with Triratna’s basic meditation practices. Get in touch if you need to discuss.

Help us to teach the next person who wants to deepen their meditation practice… We run our classes on generosity, so everyone can access them. To help keep this alive please do give a financial gift for coming along to our classes.

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