Going Deeper in Meditation – monthly sessions – next 15 July

Deepening into the great love, great compassion, great joy and great equanimity

The point of cultivating metta is to bring you closer to reality.  Bhante Sangharakshita, in ‘Living with Kindness’.

In the first half of this year we’ll be focusing on the ‘Brahma Viharas’ (‘Divine Abodes’).  These are different aspects or dimensions of metta.  The four Brahma Viharas are:  metta itself;  Karuna (compassion);  Mudita (Joy, specially joy in the joy of others); and Upekkha (Equanimity).  We’ll be looking at exactly how these aspects of metta can bring us closer to reality, and seeing how that can transform the heart.

Suitable for those who have been meditating 3+ years with Triratna

Led by Prajnamati and Dayajoti with Naravira

Sessions will be on a Saturday morning 10 – 1pmDoors open 9.45

please arrive in time for prompt 10am start

 Dates for 2017:

11 Feb: Dayajoti & Prajnamati – with Dharma Dance session in the afternoon

18 March: – for Order Members and mitras only – Day retreat with Tejananda from Vajraloka Retreat Centre

15 April: Naravira

13 May: Dayajoti  – with Dharma Dance session in the afternoon

10 Jun: Naravira

15 July: Prajnamati

16 Sept:

21 Oct: followed by Dharma Dance in the afternoon

11 Nov: body-dharma day with Advayamati 10 – 5

9 Dec:

Notes from 2017 sessions:

Notes from 2016 sessions:

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