The Centre’s Money

  • Our buildings and everything in them have been bought with funds given or earned by our Sangha over three decades
  • We don’t get any central funding; in fact we give money to support the growth of the Triratna movement in Europe. (click for info on some of the projects)
  • Our income in 2014 was £102,085 & we spent £95,470

2015 is the first year we’ve run a full ‘dana economy’ (gift economy). We’ve stopped making charges for classes and events and instead invite all of us to participate with cash as well as our presence.

We responded well:

  • 48 donors contributed £1,120 in by standing order in July 2014
  • 83 donors contributed £1,873 by standing order/direct debit in October 2015

But even so, we’ve seen a drop in income:

  • We no longer charge for classes, courses and events which brought in over £28,000 in Jan-Nov 2014. This is partly offset by £17,000 in the dana bowl at classes Jan-Nov 2015. Net reduction £11k.
  • Our Sangha is using the Centre fully, so we don’t rent it out as much – Centre hire income down by £4,000.
  • Rental income from renting the Healing Rooms is down by £4,000 because one of the main therapists moved. New rentals should make this up in 2016.

Overall our income for 2015 was £20,000 less than in 2014

This isn’t unexpected – such a big change is likely to take 2-3 years to work out.
Our team is a person down, so we’ve spent less on salaries, and we have some reserves.

Jan – November 2015 figures

Where has money come from so far in 2015?
Donations/standing orders/gift aid £26,593
Dana bowl at classes/events £17,621
Bookshop sales £5,388
Rental income (including Healing Rooms) £23,167
Other (mostly retreat charges) £7,349
Total income £80,118

What have we spent on money on?

Team salaries & expenses £47,980
Building costs £10,954.00 Heat, light & water, insurance, waste, council tax, health&safety, repairs
Office £5,834 Publicity, IT, stationery, phone, bank, audit
Activities £11,080 Yoga teachers fees, retreat rent & catering, tea, shrine
Shop stock £1,392
Other exps £2,333
Donations to Triratna £3,114
Solar panels £10,116
Total spending £92,803

Net -£12,685.34

Click to see our figures for the last 5 years.


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