Day 1 | Sangha Circle | Sangha Week Retreat

Day 1 | Sangha Circle | Sangha Week Retreat

Sun Nov 14th 2021 7:30pm - 9:00pm

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This event has already happened.
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Retreat Sangha

Day 1 of the Sangha Week Retreat | In person this week!

Our tradition places great emphasis on building Sangha (a friendly community of individuals practising the Dharma, the Buddha’s teachings, alongside each other). Possibly because of the experience of the pandemic we may be noticing how we are by nature social creatures: We need each other to know ourselves. This is a safe and open space in which to be with others to bring kind attention to how we relate to others and just as importantly, ourselves.

A rich retreat programme to reveal and enliven the potential of our relational lives. A precious opportunity to dive into the depths through Sangha. A diverse range of events facilitated by a large team of experienced practitioners. Expect movement and song, yoga and meditation, ritual and group communication over the week.

Open to anyone who has completed the intro course

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