‘I Am Because We Are’ – Rains Retreat

'I Am Because We Are' - Rains Retreat

Sat Sep 30th 2023 7:30am - 9:30pm

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This event has already happened.
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Retreat Sangha

29th Sept – 5th Oct

Singhashri is back again with a small team to guide us deeper into our personal and collective practice. Her powerful and sensitive teaching speaks to our longings for community and meaning.

She writes, “How do we make sense of this imperfect world? How do we hold the tension between the ideal, what our heart longs for, and what’s happening now? Discover how engaging with what’s happening now supports us to begin to edge into what else is possible.” 

This non- residential retreat is an open invitation to explore our interconnected and individual journeys through a combination of meditation, Dharma teaching, conversation, body listening, ritual and simply hanging out together.

It is open to everyone who has completed an introductory course.  Order Members and Mitras are particularly encouraged to come along and participate and share in this Sangha building Retreat.

Come for the whole retreat or when you can to fit in with your work or family responsibilities. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner will be provided each day but you must book these at least one day in advance. (Sign up sheets in Centre or email info@bristol-buddhist-centre.org)

There is no set charge for this retreat but a donation of between £30 and £60 per day would be very much appreciated.

The retreat starts at 7.30pm on Friday 29th September and ends 9pm on 5th October.

“Singhashri is one of the most skilled facilitators and teachers that I have experienced.  I’m still not sure how she does it but she is able to respond to each person individually with what they need whilst not losing the thread of the material.” – Trisha

Outline Daily programme (please note the first day starts at 7:30pm)

7.30   Doors open.

7.45   Meditation

8.30   Break

8.45   Breakfast

10.15 Session one

11.30 Break

11.50 Session two

1.00   Break

1.15   Lunch

2.00   Break

4.00   Session three

5.00   Break

5.15   Session four

6.00   Break

6.15   Dinner

7.30   Session five

9.00   End

Without donations our doors wouldn’t be open and our classes running. It is due to the gifts of those who have come along previously that we are here now sharing meditation and Buddhism. To be part of this continuing flow of care and generosity to others, please do donate here.

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