Order/ mitra afternoon for women & non-binary people

Order/ mitra afternoon for women & non-binary people

Sun Jun 23rd 2024 1:00pm - 5:30pm
booking not required
by donation

Sunday 23 June 13.00-17.30
(or come at 12 with vegan lunch to share)
Facilitated by Karunavapi and team.

Finding the sacred in our lives

This image of my pots shows something of finding beauty in broken-ness- how do we find and express the sacred in our lives? How do we place objects with mindfulness and love?
Through sharing’s, meditation, reflections, discussion and ritual, we will share our experiences and expression of what is sacred in our lives.

…through the practice of mindfulness and self-possession, the most trivial occasions of life
are invested with a halo of sanctity. … Obliterated is the distinction between things sacred
and things profane. …
When Morality is pure, and clear consciousness in all activities firmly established, ….
uninterrupted from dawn till dusk flows the current of spiritual life, … even in sleep, … that
clear consciousness is still shining, even as shines the moon amidst the darkness of night”.

Sangharakshita’s. ‘A survey of Buddhism: mindfulness’. Chapter 17.

Through this exploration we will reflect on-

  • All is interconnected- deepening our realisation and sensitivity that all is of value; as an expression of ethics.
  • Listening to our profound capacity to be in harmony with everything in material and non material
  • existence.
  • Touching into the Pure Land School’s realisation of ‘sacred resonance’.

We look forward to seeing you.
Karunavapi and team🍃


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