Meet, Listen, Make

Meet, Listen, Make

Fri Oct 29th 2021 7:15pm - 9:15pm

This event has already happened.

This event has already happened.
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Arts Sangha

The Artist as True Individual

Interspersed with hybrid/in-person events will also be a series of four Friday evenings on Zoom, to ‘meet, listen and make‘ (click here for more information on these Zoom sessions).

You may like to use the ‘meet, listen and make’ evenings to create something to share at the Arts Cafe

The ‘craft’ aspect of the arts has its own importance in the Dharma life for many of us.  ‘Mindful making’ can be a great practice for calming the heart-mind and allowing our creative mind to relax into openness. 

A few of us have had conversations about how enjoyable it can be (a) to get together with others whilst making things and (b) to be read to whilst making.  So we’ve come up with a series of four Friday evenings this term, to enable just that. (29 Oct, 12 and 26 Nov, 7.15 – 9.15 pm). With the nights drawing in, we thought it was an opportunity to make the most of Zoom and enable us to stay cosy at home, but also connected with others – hence it’s ‘meet’ (virtually), listen and make.

What you make is entirely up to you – could be anything from drawing or doodling, through knitting or whittling to junk modelling or wood-turning.  Whatever takes your fancy at present.  

We’re also inviting everyone who takes part to bring something to read – so we can take it in turns to share short stories, poems, passages of Dharma – anything that is inspiring us at present.

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