Mantrayāna – The Way of the Mantras’ – Sangha Night

Mantrayāna - The Way of the Mantras' - Sangha Night

Tue Oct 25th 2022 7:30pm - 9:30pm
in person
by donation
Sangha Sangha Night

As part of our current format on Sangha Nights, every six weeks we are having an special event where we do something more fun and out of the ordinary. The first of these is going to be…

‘Mantrayāna – The Way of the Mantras’

‘The chanting of mantras represents the real possibility for our energies to be radically transformed so that we can manifest the qualities of enlightenment which are buried deep within us.’ – (Bhante Sangharakshita – Ritual and Devotion in Buddhism)

Joining with others in reciting mantra helps us to open intuitively to the beauty and wisdom of the Buddhas. During the evening, we will evoke the presence of 8 Buddhas and Bodhisattvas through chanting their mantras and meditating on their qualities.

With special guest teacher Vandanajyoti. Vandanajyoti has been specially invited to Bristol to lead us in an evening of exploring and practising mantra. She previously lived at Tiratanaloka – the women’s training for ordination retreat centre, where she met a member of our Heart Kula (Centre Team). Having been a singing teacher in her career, Vandanajyoti brings music to practice and has explored Indian music styles as well as those of the west.

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