Liberating Our Money Stories

Liberating Our Money Stories

Sat Mar 18th 2023 10:00am - 4:30pm

This event has already happened.

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This event has already happened.
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A day of discussion and experiential learning.
With Bhadra and Clare Chapman of Conscious Finance.

Buddhism offers the light of kind attention and reflection on all the views that create
and maintain our sense of self and world. Buddhist practice helps us see with greater
clarity which views bind and those which expand, loosen and ultimately free us.
Through exercises, discussion and play this day will help us shine the light of kind
awareness on our “money stories”. This term is shorthand for all the views that we
have learnt or created for ourselves that define and control our relationship with this
powerful energy we call money.

Buddhist teachings are strategies to lead us towards liberation. We hope this event
will illustrate how seeing into and through our views around our money stories can
help us develop more choice, ease and confidence in relation to this area but can be
also used to explore other clusters of views that may be limiting our life.

Clare writes: Conscious Finance perceives the immeasurable beauty of Life in all
exchanges, particularly those which involve money.  When we practice conscious finance,
we strengthen our relationships, we deepen our trust and we align more fully with Life. 
These qualities express themselves as generosity and increased prosperity for All.

To help us organise the day please email Bhadra to book your place on this event –

Suitable for everyone with some experience of meditation.

Bring vegetarian/vegan lunch to share.

We are here now because of the generosity of people who have come before. It is because people have given financial gifts as well as their time, that this event is here today. To keep this radical economic approach going please do give. Click here.

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