Dharma Festival Day

Dharma Festival Day

Sun Jul 21st 2024 10:00am - 5:30pm
in person
booking not required
by donation
Festival Sangha

So far this year we’ve come together in February to mark the beauty and poignance of the Buddha’s paranirvana, and in May to joyfully celebrate the awe-inspiring wonder of his Enlightenment.

Now, dear Sangha friends, you are warmly invited to come and celebrate Dharma Festival Day with us on Sunday 21st July from 10am until 5pm. Here we’ll have an opportunity to really appreciate the Buddha’s teachings which lead to freedom and celebrate how remarkable it is that these are available to us.

In the morning there will be a meditative session where we will hear and have a chance to reflect on the story of the first discourse at Sarnath, as recounted by the Buddha to Ananda, his friend and disciple. We’ll have a shared lunch, and in the afternoon there will be a fun mix of crafts, tea, and mantra singing, followed by a raucously reverent puja! Throughout the day the downstairs shrine room will be available for anyone wishing to use it as a silent, reflective space.

Please do bring vegan/veggie food to share.

10am – 11am (arrival from 9.45am)
Opening session: Hear & reflect upon the story of the Buddha’s first discourse at Sarnath.

11am – 1pm
Morning session: Ariyapariyesana sutta readings

Shared lunch

2pm – 3pm
Afternoon session: Craft activity (Triratna families welcome)

3pm – 3.30pm
Mantra singing (Triratna families welcome)

3.30pm – 3.45pm
Tea Break

3.45pm – 4.50pm
Puja (Triratna families welcome)

Finish (and clear up!)

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