The Myth of the Handless Maiden

The Myth of the Handless Maiden

Sun May 28th 2023 2:00pm - 9:00pm

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This event has already happened.
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Encouraging trust in the transformative power of awareness infused with loving presence (Metta) and informed by the imagination.

The Handless Maiden is a myth that begins with betrayal. It reveals a healing journey, a going forth from all that binds us towards the sources of support and guidance in the dark forest of the unknown. It is a myth of training in the power of the responsive heart to heal and liberate.

Although the central image is feminine, it is a myth not about gender but about the struggle to turn away from the natural inclination to remain unconscious. The vessel for our journey through this myth is loving presence, invoked through relational exercises at the beginning of each weekend. We will then collectively inhabit the myth with role play, art and ritual all held within our circle of sharing.

  • The myth will be explored over 3 weekends running from 10–5pm on the Saturday and 2–9pm on the Sunday. (please note Oct 14th time is TBC).
  • We will be working individually and as a group each weekend. We ask that you commit to all three weekends to ensure we can support and encourage a collective process as we work with the different phases of the myth over the year.
  • Although the title of the myth suggests it may be gender specific, it is relevant and open to everyone, however they identify themselves.
  • The only criteria is that you have experience of meditation as taught within Triratna.
Artwork by Jeanie Tomanek

25/26 March: The Endarkening
Establishing loving presence to help us see the adaptive nature of so many of
our views that we have built to keep us safe and in control. An opportunity to
acknowledge what brings us here.

27/28 May: The Wandering
The turning away from that which binds us and the response to that which
calls and inspires us towards revelation and release.

14/15 October: Living from the Breathing Heart
Celebration of the precious nature of the heart response and the power of
story and imagination to draw us into a life well lived.

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