International Practice Week: ‘Turning Arrows Into Flowers’ 22-29 Sept

Here is an invitation to our 2018 International Triratna Practice Week! 

The plan is for as many Triratna Sanghas across the world to take part as possible so that we can be aware of each other practising together as one practice community, from Europe to the Americas to Australia and including India!

It’s like the Urban Retreats we’ve enjoyed together in Bristol many times before: the week starts with a Day Retreat on Saturday 22 September (essential) and then we carry on with life normally with the emphasis on the retreat practice material.  We can have support in this with on-line talks and led meditations and also buddying up with another retreatant, meeting up where possible.  We then come back on Saturday 29 September for another Day Retreat partly to share how our week’s retreat has gone.  If you’re only free on the first Saturday, you can still take part without coming to this day if you are not free.


Each day runs from 10-5pm with Kulajalini & Prajnamati

Bring veggie/vegan lunch to share

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Weekend retreat for women mitras at the Eastdown Centre 7-9 Dec

A weekend for women mitras: finding and negotiating ways to regenerate and renew ourselves. To nourish the brightness of our potential that longs to shine. 

Led by Dayajoti, Dharmamrta and Karunavapi.

Experiential Dharma practice with workshops, bodywork, walking and group discussioin.

When we have become more aware, our minds more refined, and released spiritually, the question arises – ‘What is there? What is left?’. What comes into being, in Sangharakshita’s system of meditation, is a new being based on wisdom and compassion. That new being is the Bodhisattva. So the dharma follower is reborn (metaphorically) as a Bodhisattva. She becomes something quite new, quite different. Instead of being driven by ego it is the Bodhicitta that comes through us: this is the stage of spiritual regeneration. 
In this stage we sense into the qualities of Awakening, how they feel in body and heart-mind; and imagine how they will feel and manifest when fully realised.
Please bring loose trousers for bodywork.
Non-refundable booking fees below – early bird until 11 Nov