Sangha Day Festival – 4 Nov

Celebrating Generosity

Generosity is the life-blood of Sangha, and it’s how we function as a Buddhist Centre.  The Buddha endorsed the practice not just of generosity, but of reflecting upon it, dananussati, as a launchpad for spiritual unfoldment.

This festival day, on the full moon of November, will be a  celebration of Sangha including meditation, a talk on the practice of dananussati, rejoicing in what people contribute to our sangha for the benefit of all, and a festive puja.

10am – 5pm


10 am Dedication, Meditations

11.30 Tea

12.00 Talk

1.00 Lunch

2.00 Celebrating contributions to our sangha

3.00 Tea

3.45 Festive puja with mitra reaffirmations

5.00 end

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