Full moon puja Friday 27 July

The Buddha’s disciples have always gathered to practise together under the full moon.  We continue this tradition with a puja (worship, devotional ritual) each month.

We will mark this month’s full moon with a puja dedicated to Amitabha, the red Buddha of the Western realm.

Open to all familiar with Triratna practices. 7.30 – 9.30pm  Doors open 7pm


If you’re new to puja you can listen to Bhadra’s introduction to puja here or just come and give it a try!

Getting to know Bhante & his thought

… a chance to encounter Sangharakshita through the Complete Works

The second set of volumes of Sangharakshita’s Complete Works has now been published and once again Dhivan and Satyalila will offer some half-day study sessions this autumn for Mitras, Order Members and friends interested in becoming Mitras. It’s an opportunity to get a sense of the many dimensions of Sangharakshita and the diversity of ways in which he has communicated the Dharma. It will also enable us to consider the context in which he gave various teachings – a vital aspect of understanding his work for future generations.

Sunday 30 September 2–5pm: Facing Mount Kanchenjunga (the second volume of Bhante’s memoirs)
Sunday 28 October 2–5pm: The Survey of Buddhism & The Buddha’s Noble Eightfold Path (the Survey is generally regarded as Bhante’s Magnum Opus so this one is a must!)
Saturday 24 November 2–5 pm: Milarepa and the Art of Discipleship (two volumes with previously unpublished material on Tibet’s great yogi and approaches to insight)


Dhivan is a Buddhist scholar and also a poet who has an appreciation of Bhante’s emphasis on the arts as a vital aspect of spiritual practice. Satyalila is part of the team producing Sangharakshita’s Complete Works. Her life has been inspired and guided by Bhante’s presentation of the Dharma for almost 25 years and she’s keen to help others appreciate Bhante’s ‘radically traditional’ approach to Buddhist practice. Listen to them here

The sessions will include an overview of each volume by Dhivan and Satyalila and a close look at a few selected passages. It’s not necessary to own the volumes or have read the material prior to the session – though we hope you’ll be inspired to explore further!

You can buy individual volumes in the bookshop or from windhorse publications (they are also available as ebooks) or subscribe to the whole series and help to fund this great project.


NEW! Restorative yoga – starts Mon 3 Sept

6 week Restorative Yoga Class with Sally at 11.05am for one hour and twenty minutes.

This style of yoga helps anyone suffering with stress, recovery from ill health, anxiety and anyone needing complete relaxation and time to unwind.  All poses are practised seated or lying down while being fully supported by bolsters, blankets and cushions.  This is a really beautiful way of letting go while helping the body to unwind while bringing stillness to the mind and body.  See restorativehealing.co.uk for further information.

There are only 10 places in this class so please ensure you book your place by emailing Sally at sallyrestorative@gmail.com or telephone 07543704350.  Payment will also need to be paid in advance once your place has been reserved.  The cost of the class is £12.00.