The Forest of Sangha: The many faces of engaged Dharma living – Sangha Day Festival Sat 9 Nov

image by Alan Light
 Sangha is for the sake of all beings – not just those able to practise within it.  It is like a forest of trees which, through practice, can transform the carbon dioxide of negativity and dukkha into awareness, energy and loving kindness.  This affects everyone who connects with anyone in the Sangha.  And like a forest, there is a web of connection running beneath it (fungi in a forest*, friendship in Sangha) which interconnects and supports us to practice.  This Sangha Day Festival we’ll explore and celebrate the many different faces of engaged Dharma living, hearing from individual practitioners, participating in conversations, meditating and concluding with a Forest Ritual & Mitra Reaffirmations.  We’ll explore how our engagement with the Dharma through the Sangha can enable each of us to be part of transforming the world. Come dwell in a day of deepening awareness, kindness and connection – for the sake of all beings. 

*. ‘A single fungus mycelium, sometimes covering several hectares, may interact with many different trees. Thus, all the trees in a wood, even of different species, may be linked to others and each may therefore share to some extent in the benison [blessing] of all the others.’ (From The Secret Life of Trees – thanks to Cath Dixon) 

10 am            Welcome and introduction to day

10.15             Earth Meditation 

11.00             Tea Break

11.30             Rooted in the Sangha, Flowering in the world: we’ll hear from Sangha folk about their experiences and questions – and start finding our own

1.00                Shared veggie Lunch (please bring a contribution)

Children welcome from lunchtime

2.00                Conversation Café

3.00                What have we learned? What can we celebrate? What’s next? (gathering up and preparing for the ritual)

3.30                Tea

4.00                Forest Ritual & Mitra Reaffirmations 

5.00 ish communal clear up & then end 

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