Special Events

At weekends we often have day retreats for meditation or Dharma study, or for particular sangha groups to get together.

Our three major festivals celebrate the Three Jewels and are opportunities for the whole Sangha to practise together. Buddha Day on the full moon of May/June celebrates the awakening of the Buddha, Dharma Day on the full moon of July marks his first communication of his awakened experience, and Sangha Day on the full moon of November celebrates the community of followers of the Buddha.

We also go away for weekend retreats in the countryside – info here.

January Urban Retreat

16- 23 Jan – save the date! Kamalavajra, Satyalila and friends (including Milarepa…) invite you to ‘save the date’ for our new year Urban Retreat. With an Urban Retreat, we secretly weave being ‘on retreat’ into our ordinary everyday lives, so you don’t need to take time off work unless you want to. The main […]

Creating a retreat at home 11 Dec

Taking time out to ‘retreat’ from our usual activities, habits and conditions is a vital part of Dharma practice.  It can enable us to find fresh perspectives by connecting with a deeper stillness and inspiration..  Most often we do this by going away on retreat, but that’s not always possible (especially at present!) and there […]

Mens Weekend – 19th & 20th Dec

King, Warrior, Lover and Magician – Understanding and integrating the Light and Shadow of the Masculine Psyche Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th December 10am – 12.30pm https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81939031921 then 2pm – 4.30pm https://us02web.zoom.us/j/848327 We can only transform that which is in consciousness. This weekend will offer the framework of the 4 central archetypes of the masculine. The […]

Revisit Sangha Week

Joy in the cremation ground: The living practice of Sangha.An online retreat led by Bhadra and team As the pandemic continues we are having to seek new ways to nurture and deepen our simple human need for connection and community cohesion. This retreat invited us to share the practice of enlivening the Sangha jewel, allowing […]

Eco-crisis practice group 13 Dec

In this group we draw on the dharma to support each other as we engage with ecological issues. We seek to develop and deepen our spiritual practice in this way, opening heart and mind more fully to wisdom and compassion. The group is open to anyone with a regular dharma practice and is facilitated by […]

Bristol young Buddhists zoom meet Fri 4th Dec

For our final event of the year, we will draw together our collective threads of dharma practice and explorations of the Buddha’s noble eightfold way. Traversing time, we will consider both the path we have already walked this year and the journey to come as we cross into winter and onward to 2021. Suspending space, […]

Full moon puja Mon 30th Nov 7.30pm

Our next full moon puja will be dedicated to the Buddha Amitabha, the red Buddha of the Western Realm 31/10 7.30pm This devotional session will include readings, puja and chanting with Naravira and the puja team, Jay, Merry and Patrick. Next dates:Weds 30 Dec time tbc https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86830055962 If you are having trouble joining the session, […]

Rains Retreat 2020 listen again

In Triratna, our system of practice is a dynamic mandala of five principles. We progressively integrate mind and body, samatha and vipassana, and discover the power of skilful and positive mental states. Then, directly penetrating and dispelling our delusions, we open ever-more to the wonder of what is. Thus, at last, we can wake up […]