Special Events

At weekends we often have day retreats for meditation or Dharma study, or for particular sangha groups to get together.

Our three major festivals celebrate the Three Jewels and are opportunities for the whole Sangha to practise together. Buddha Day on the full moon of May/June celebrates the awakening of the Buddha, Dharma Day on the full moon of July marks his first communication of his awakened experience, and Sangha Day on the full moon of November celebrates the community of followers of the Buddha.

We also go away for weekend retreats in the countryside – info here.

Arts Cafe Evening – on Angels!

Ananda - angel sculpture

Special Arts Cafe June 15…

BAM! Climate Action – Personal Action

The theme of this year’s Buddhist Action Month is ‘Climate Action – Personal Action’ – join us on Friday evenings for our programme of events

Women’s Day with Kulajalini Sat 29 June

Self – metta – women’s day 29 June

Buddha Day Festival Sunday May 19

Come and join us for this year’s Buddha Day Festival

Writing as spiritual practice – 3 events for order members & mitras

Writing as spiritual practice – 3 events for order members & mitras with Satyalila

Rains Retreat Talks 2019

This year our Rains retreat will run from Friday 26 April – Thursday 2 May. We are fortunate to have Vajradevi joining us to lead the retreat this year.  More details nearer the time…

Wisdom beyond Words Big Sangha Retreat 2019: Thurs 4 – Sun 7 July

Don’t miss this year’s Big Sangha Retreat which we hold at the lovely Adhisthana each year. A great way to connect with the wider Bristol Sangha and take your practice deeper…

Triratna Day. 3 Talks from a delightful day of celebration and gratitude: Triratna locally, internationally and mythically

Satyalila details the amazing history of the generosity of so many people that created the local institution of the Bristol Buddhist Centre 2. Manjuvajra describes the pioneering spirit of the early days of Triratna. The willpower and naivety that established the unique international presence of our Triratna institutions 3. Bhadra looks at the myth of […]

Triratna International Gathering 22-26 August

This biennial event at Adhisthana, UK, brings together large numbers of the Triratna Buddhist Community from around Europe for a feast of inspiration, stimulation and fun – all are welcome, including children. This year’s theme is ‘Alchemy of the Dharma’ Follow the link for more info and booking

Ritual and devotional practice – a 6 week course

Want to learn more about ritual and devotional practice?

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