Special Events

At weekends we often have day retreats for meditation or Dharma study, or for particular sangha groups to get together.

Our three major festivals celebrate the Three Jewels and are opportunities for the whole Sangha to practise together. Buddha Day on the full moon of May/June celebrates the awakening of the Buddha, Dharma Day on the full moon of July marks his first communication of his awakened experience, and Sangha Day on the full moon of November celebrates the community of followers of the Buddha.

We also go away for weekend retreats in the countryside – info here.

Eco-Crisis Practice Group |

No session in August Engaged Buddhism : What did the Buddha say?As Buddhists we look to the life and teachings of the Buddha to guide our path.   But the Buddha didn’t do social protest, lobbying rulers, or advocating social change.    Or did he?   Come and hear some stories from the Buddha’s time from which can inspire […]

Bristol Young Buddhists | Fri 6 Aug

Friday 6th August 7:30pm (join from 7:15). A Living Network of Friendship “In the spiritual community, the rigid application of rules is replaced by something far more subtle: a living network of friendship and communication centred on the highest shared ideals.” Sangharakshita, Living with Kindness. We often come to Buddhism with misconceptions and our own ideas. […]

Pujas | 25 Jul & 26 Aug

Each month we have a session of devotional practice, usually on the full moon but our next sessions are at slightly different times. On Thursday 26 August at 7:30pm – We will celebrate the annual ‘108 Year Puja’ which marks the anniversary of Sangharakshita’s birth. Also throughout August, there will be meditation and pujas on […]