Sangha Works! Now on Mondays – 1.30 – 3.30pm

If you’ve been coming along to classes at the Centre, then perhaps you would like to come and help out for a few hours on a Mon afternoon. There’s always plenty to do, from regular jobs like the cleaning, to bigger projects like clearing accumulated junk from the basements!! A great way to give to the Centre and to deepen the connections with others here. Come at 1.30 for a cuppa and to tune in with everyone before we start work.


The Centre will be mainly closed in August and so there will be no weekly Sangha Works, but we will be having a special summer session to tackle some of the bigger jobs we can’t normally get to during the year. So if you fancy a bit of a ‘work retreat’ in August, then come along for one or more of the August days. Come for all if you can! Friday 16 – Tuesday 20. 10 – 4pm each day. Lunch provided.

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