Rains Retreat 2019 (for Order members & mitras)

Pathways to the Beautiful Mind

Awareness and Wisdom are both qualities of the mind that is beautiful, clear seeing and free. These and other qualities of the ‘kalyana’ or ethically lovely mind will be explored throughout the week. We’ll use the framework of the Satipatthana Sutta and the 5 spiritual faculties to cultivate receptivity to  beauty and truth while allowing the whole range of our experience to be known.
Our main ‘pathways’ will be through meditation, reflection, input, discussion and ritual.

This year our Rains retreat will run from Friday 26 April – Thursday 2 May.

We are fortunate to have Vajradevi joining us to lead the retreat this year.

Open to Order Members and mitras

A great chance to practice together here in our own Centre.  Why not take the week off and really immerse yourself? Or if that’s really not possible, come to as many sessions as you can.

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