Devotional Voice – next one Sun 18 Nov

Join Karunavapi and Beth Jones for a monthly session of Buddhist mantra, chants and songs. Harmonies will be introduced. As this is devotional practice, no experience or skill in singing is required. Come and join in!

Open to anyone familiar with the mindfulness of breathing and metta bhavana plus Triratna ritual and mantra.

You are welcome to bring your own children who will need to be under your supervision (no creche facilities).

The next session on Sunday 18 Nov 2.30pm – 5pm will focus on chanting the five mantras that Bhante Sangharakshita requested to be chanted after his death.

The last session of this year on Sunday 16 December 2.30-5 will focus on the Vairocana and Ākāśadhātvīśvarī mantras.

Tuesday 18 Dec Final sangha night of the year. Five hour mantra. 5-10pm (arrival times 4.45-5pm, 5.45-6pm, 6.45-7.45pm). Chanting the mantras of the five Buddhas of the mandala.


Saturday 19 Jan 2.30-5pm               Focusing on awakening the heart.

Saturday 16 Feb 2.30-5pm               Focusing on awakening the heart.
Saturday 16 March 2.30-5pm          Focusing on awakening the heart.

The sessions will include devotional practice, sitting and walking meditation as well as chanting and singing.



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