Men’s weekend 6 & 7 March: Bringing to life the Lover and the Magician archetypes

“Understanding and integrating the Light and Shadow of the Masculine Psyche”

We can only transform that which is in consciousness. How can we bring to our conscious life the Lover and Magician archetypes of the masculine psyche. The intention of this event is to help us gather up all that we are and could be, so that we can bring the whole of ourselves onto the Dharma path of transformation. We will be drawing on the figures of Shantideva and Padmasambhava to assist us in this exploration. 

10 – 12.30 2- 4.30 both days

Teaching, discussion and meditation with Bhadra, Kamalavajra and Naravira

Suitable for all men who have completed an introductory course, mitras and order members

zoom links Sat sessions:

Sun sessions: