Listen again – 2017 talks from Sangha Night

Missed Sangha night? Or want to listen again to a talk?

Integration and the Realm of Akshobya

Talk 1 – 9th Jan 2018: Karunavapi with ‘Mandalas: Mythic and Personal‘.

21st Century Buddhists

Talk 1 – 28th Nov 2017: Will Elworthy on Work

Talk 2 – 5th Dec 2017: Unfortunately Steven Greer’s talk on his work as a University Professor was not successfully recorded.

Talk 3 – 12th Dec 2017: Chittamani talks about his work in foster caring and social work in the context of his practice as a Buddhist.

Talk 4 – 12th Dec 2017: Michelle Healy talks about Dharma practice and her role as a mother.

Talk 5 – 19th Dec 2017: Bodhipushpa gives a talk entitled ‘The Perfectly Imperfect Path of Parenting Towards Enlightenment’.

Dhivan on the Pali Canon from October/November 2017

Talk 1: The Discourse to the Kalamas

Talk 2: The Discourse on the Turning of the Wheel of the Dharma

Talk 3: The Discourse on the Not-Self Characteristic

Talk 4: The Fire Sermon

Sangha Day Festival Talk from Jvalamalini

As Garlands From a Heap of Flowers

Mindful Emotion Book Launch from Paramabandhu on 17th October 2017

Talk on Metta

The Cosmic Mythic Vision of the Mahayana Sutras from Jvalamalini Sept 2017

Talk 1: Approaching a Magical World

Talk 2 not recorded

Talk 3: The Buddha beyond the Buddha

Talk 4: Myth to live by today: Triratna Buddhist Order

The Worldly Winds from Taranita, July 2017

Talk 1: Introduction to the Worldly Winds

Talk 2: The Worldly Winds 2: Gain & Loss and Praise & Criticism

Talk 3: The Worldly Winds 3: Respect & Disgrace and Pleasure & Pain

Talk 4: The Worldly Winds 4: It’s All About Me!

Jvalamalini: the space between Buddha Day and Dharma Day, 4 July 2017

Buddhist Action Month June 2017

Only Connect – Vimalavajri

Indra’s Net, Self, Sangha and World – Jvalamalini

The Buddha’s Conversations with Kings – Vajratara

Prajnamati: The Point of Freedom  30 May 2017

The Wheel of Life series from Bhadra, May 2017

Talk 3: self created universe

Talk 4: breaking the circle by resting in the gap

Talk 5: the gap and the buddha mandala

Who is the Buddha – really?  Buddha Day talk from Vajrasara

What Triratna Means to Me:
28 March. Joy Farrimond;  Mark Childs;   Will Elworthy

Imagine, Week 4 – Sangharakshita and our own tradition: the Role of Imagination and the Future of Buddhism – Satyalila.  Audio & Notes  31 Jan

Imagine, Week 3 – Tantric Buddhism and the Mandala: transforming energy – Satyalila. AudioNotes 24 Jan

Imagine, Week 2 – Mahayana stories & parables: watering the roots – Satyalila. Audio & Notes  17 Jan

Imagine, Week 1 – The Buddha and his teachings: introducing imagination – Satyalila. Audio &  Notes  10 Jan

Suryadaya describes her recent retreat at Adhisthana including a vivid description of the venue itself.  3 Jan


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