Level 2 meditation course

Meditation can be a delight, but it can also be difficult for many of us, especially in the early years of practice. It’s a skill we can learn and develop over time, with the right support and conditions. .  Meditation is a vital part of the ‘Dharma Life’ – a life lived towards ending suffering (our own and others’).

A 6-week coursefor those who’ve got the basics from our intro courses and who want to go further towards establishing their own meditation practice.

The course will weave in the six distinctive emphases of the Triratna Buddhist community where they relate to the meditation teaching. These are described in a catalogue produced for an exhibition celebrating the 50th anniversary of the movement which is available here: Cover Booklet

No need to book – just come along! Weds 10 April 7.30 – 10pm

And after this course – why not continue with the 6 week course on ritual and devotional practice?

with Satyalila, Prajnamati and team

Week 1 Handout: Posture

Week 2 Handout: Blanced Effort

Week 3 Handouts: Broad Band of Awareness , Focus and Breadth

Week 4 Handout: Resolving Hindrances

Week 5 Handout: Factors of Concentration

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