Heroes of the Dharma – 2016 talks

Here are our talks from the 2016 Heroes of the Dharma series in case you want to listen again or catch up on what you’ve missed…

The Bardo – the in between state – Bhadra

The Theris (the female disciples of the Buddha) – Vimalavajri

A courtesan, a killer and a king  – Dhivan

Ashoka – Taranita

Milarepa – Tibet’s great yogi

2 talks from Manjuvajra:

Part 1 – Milarepa’s life

Part 2 – His Teachings

Meditation Toolbox

Talks and handouts here

21st Century Bodhisattva

Talks for Buddhist Action Month here

Shantideva and Guide to Bodhisattva’s Way of Life

Puja as Vision and Transformation – Bhadra 10 May

Reflections to Cultivate Compassion – Jvalamalini 3 May

Absolute & Conventional Truth – Bhadra 26 April

Bodhichitta and patience – Bhadra 19 April

Shantideva, desire and vigour – Jvalamalini 12 April

Nagarjuna and Perfect Wisdom

Second Turning of the Dharma Wheel – Simhanada 5 April

Sunyata and the Heart Sutra – Taranita 29 March

Introducing the Heart Sutra – Taranita and Bodhipushpa  22 March
Images for Bodhipushpa’s talk

The Middle Way as Insight on the Brink of Death – Simhanada 15 March (unfortunately there’s a few minutes missing from middle of this recording)

Introduction to Nagarjuna and the Perfection of Wisdom – Taranita 8 March

Heroes of the Dharma on Triratna’s Refuge Tree

Refuge Tree Talk and Guided Meditation  – Janaka 1 March

The Buddha

Imagining the Buddha, 23 Feb
Introduction to image as communication of enlightenment, Q & A, Remarks on value of imagination – Vimalavajri
Meeting the Buddha meditation and short puja – Jvalamalini

A Life-Changing Encounter – Jvalamalini, 16 Feb

The Way to the Beyond – Vimalavajri, 9 Feb

The Buddha meets a Serial Killer – Vimalavajri, 2 Feb

The Buddha’s Noble Quest – Dhivan, 12 Jan

The Life Story of the Buddha – Taranita, 5 Jan


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