Help refurbish our mats and cushions!

Our mats and cushions are looking old, shabby and worn, so we’d like to re-cover them all and make them fit for the next 10 years or so.

We’re hoping to raise the money by the end of September so we can start work.

Can you help??

£5 will fund a block

£10 will fund a mat


For £25 you could fund a set for one person.

For £50 you could fund a set for two people.

Please consider whether you’re able to give in this way. You can donate online by clicking one of the buttons below or by donating at the centre.





Joy is willing to bring her sewing expertise to the task and has already resourced materials and tried them out. If you’d like to help and/or have a sewing machine and appropriate skills, then contact her direct to join the team (or email & we’ll put you in touch)


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