Crucible of Communication – Day 1 of 2

Crucible of Communication - Day 1 of 2

Sat Nov 26th 2022 10:00am - 5:00pm

This event has already happened.

in person
This event has already happened.
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These ‘in person’ events in the Centre are facilitated by Bhadra and Dharmamrta.
We will use simple exercises throughout the weekend to discover how we may be
continually constructing ourselves and our ongoing experience of relations with
others and the world.

Just like in meditation, it is an opportunity to gain some insight into the shape and
texture of our thoughts and body sensations as they appear, especially how they
affect our relation to ourselves and others. 

We start by laying out the Dharma and relational framework of loving presence with
which to orientate ourselves. Throughout the weekend we will return to sitting in the
facilitated circle, becoming sensitive to what arises within and amongst us, choosing
for ourselves what to share and what to simply hold in awareness; a simple and
sometimes profound communication practice that allows us all to work at our own

To attend you need to have completed the introductory meditation and Buddhism
course at the Centre and be able to attend both days in full.
Booking essential as places are limited (you must be able to attend both days).
Please bring lunch to share.

Also note timings are different on each day.

This is what others have said about their experience:

“A remarkable space – to explore absolutely live the intricacies and conditioning we
bring to communication, in the moment of that communication. The sessions are
held in a Dharmic context and with Sangha, both of which feel important to me.
Bhadra brings a depth of commitment, experience and a raw honesty to this model
of group process that is very inspiring.” Ab

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