Eco crisis practice group – First meeting : Sunday 19th January 2020 7 – 9pm

Fire Heart


“Everything is burning” said the Buddha, “….with the fires of greed, hatred and delusion.” In answer the Buddha radiated love, suffusing ‘the whole world, everywhere, always, with a heart filled with loving-kindness, abundant, unbounded, without hate or ill-will”. How do we put the Buddha’s teachings into practice as fully as we can as we engage with this burning world?

From January 2020 there will be a monthly space at the Buddhist centre to explore our practice in relation to the world’s eco-crisis. It will be a place for those of us who are engaged in action of any kind in relation to the eco-crisis to get support for this through Dharma practice. And a place to explore how waking up to the reality of the crisis can enliven and strengthen our practice. Our aim is that the group will meet monthly, at the same day and time each month and we’d like to fix that at our first meeting. We hope you will join us, to share ideas and experiences, practice together, and reflect on our dharma lives.

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