Creating a retreat at home 11 Dec

Taking time out to ‘retreat’ from our usual activities, habits and conditions is a vital part of Dharma practice.  It can enable us to find fresh perspectives by connecting with a deeper stillness and inspiration..  Most often we do this by going away on retreat, but that’s not always possible (especially at present!) and there are other ways to create ‘retreat time’ in the midst of our everyday lives. 
This one-off session is an opportunity to learn more about how to go about assembling the necessary conditions to have a retreat at home – whether it’s a day or a week or longer.  Satyalila has been doing this for years and in this session, (hopefully with friends) she’ll be offering some very practical tips as well as some inspiration for anyone wanting explore this way of practising.  The forthcoming holiday season could be a perfect opportunity to try out a home retreat! 7.30 – 9pm

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