Buddha Day Festival Sunday May 19

The full moon day in May is when Buddhists across the world join in celebrating the Buddha’s enlightenment.  Our festival day will start with meditation, then we’ll hear & reflect on the stories of the Buddha’s journey to Enlightenment in the morning.  After a shared lunch, we’ll focus especially on his walk to take his seat beneath the bodhi tree and how that resonates with our own journey to take up Dharma practice.  Children accompanied by their carers are welcome from lunchtime (1 pm) and there will be child-friendly activities.  We’ll conclude with a festive puja. 

Please bring veggie/vegan lunch to share 10-5.30pm

Buddha Day Programme

9.30       Doors open

10.00     (prompt) Chanting and Meditation

10.45     Tea Break

11.15     Collective practice of listening/reflecting/meditating with the Buddha’s Story from the Lalitavistara Sutra. 

13.00     Shared vegetarian lunch.

14.00     ‘The Walk to the Bodhi Tree’ a choice of two workshops (one child-friendly) exploring the ‘walk’ to the seat of Enlightenment experientially.

15.30     Sharing from workshops.

15.45     Tea

16.15     Festive Puja

17.00     Ceremonial clear up!

Buddha footprint
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