Women’s Mandala outdoor ritual on Brandon Hill – 20 March

All women welcome to our first outdoor ritual of the year in honour of Akshobya!
with Dharmamrta and Beate.
Please wear outdoor clothing. Paths accessible for wheelchair users.
When: Tuesday 20th March, Spring Equinox, 6-7 am ( Dawn at 6:13 am) with optional breakfast afterwards on Park Street
Where: There is a row of benches in front of the water feature at the foot of Cabot Tower on Brandon Hill (see picture)
Contact: Beate for further questions on 07769181714
Interesting facts about the location:
Brandon Hill is named after the chapel dedicated to St Brendan which once stood on its summit. Sailors would pray for protection to the saint.
Brandon Hill has one of the best collection of trees in Bristol with almost 500 trees on the hill covering nearly 100 different species.
Carmelite friars constructed St John’s Conduit, which still carries water from the springs on the hill to a fountain outside St John the Baptist Church on Quay Street. This was the only source of fresh water for a time during the Blitz.


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